China pursues its interest in strategic railroad

It has been reported that China has been pursuing interests in the strategic China-Central Asian rail network, which has been on the agenda for a long time.
It is stated that China has demanded important iron deposits from Kyrgyzstan for the road, which is expected to start construction within a year. It was stated that China, which had demanded the management of the road for 47 years, provided that the cost was covered before, and these requests were negatively received by the Kyrgyzstan government, which is located on the road's transit route. China's demand for the country's richest iron deposits from Kyrgyzstan caused the reaction of the Kyrgyz side. The Kyrgyz government, which responded negatively to this demand, was declared that it was never possible to issue the iron deposits to China. Some Kyrgyz lawmakers, on the other hand, argue that Kyrgyzstan is trying to get a share of iron deposits with large reserves, under the pretext of road. The deputies expressed that the iron deposits demanded by China are not only $ 2 billion, which is the cost of the road, but much more potential.
The length of the controversial railway that will connect China and Central Asia will be approximately 270 kilometers (268kilomtre). He wants the railway route of Kyrgyzstan to be Kaskar (China) -Torugart (China) -Fishman (Kyrgyzstan) -Celalabad (Kyrgyzstan) - Andican (Uzbekistan). With this option, the south of Kyrgyzstan and the north will also be connected.
According to the information of the relevant circles, if the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway is completed, Kyrgyzstan will earn approximately 260 million dollars annually from the transit of the road only. The road, which has a strategic importance for the region, is expected to cost about 2 billion dollars.
Some observers say that the railroad project, which has been on the agenda for years, could not be implemented due to the long-term interests of China. China's previously overthrown leader Kurmanbek Bakiyev had put forward a one-sided operating condition for 47 years on the road in question.
268 tunnels, 48 bridges and 95 stations will take place on the 4-wide road route. 3 thousand 500 people are planned to be employed on the railway route.

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