Transit transport is shifting to Turkey

UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, said that in recent years the movement of goods which starts to flow through Turkey to the Balkan countries of the world.
In the 2023 1,12 trillion dollars expected to reach foreign trade volume, he shares and begin to flow through Turkey, the movement of the Balkan countries in recent years the transport sector of the incentives, causing the look with hope to the future of the logistics industry.
2010 in the World Bank Logistics Performance Index, 39. Turkey ranks among the country's 12 155 27 bypassing several steps this year. The fact that the sector has increased to a rank is considered as an important development in terms of showing the future size of the sector.
UTİKAD (International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association) Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, Thelira` in his assessment,
logistic sector is the common denominator of all sectors, the exportation of the countries to be diversified, the logistics center will come to the fore.
Erkeskin emphasized that logistics should be improved in addition to the fast and advantageous costs, and that logistics would benefit greatly from the increase in business volume.
In particular, the movement of the Balkan countries in the world that records began to flow through Turkey Erkeskin, mainly from Europe and from the United States, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, voiced Kazakhstan and Afghanistan outgoing goods start to flow through Turkey.
Erkeskin, who noted that there is a certain increase in the shipments to Iraq in parallel with the increase in Iraq's North Region investments and the increase in its consumption in the road transport especially in Iraq, has shown that the short delivery times to Iraq and the transportation costs are cheap. increased day by day.
Expressing that the construction of the third airport in Istanbul has become a necessity, Erkeskin said, “There are congestion in cargo and passenger transportation. Today, a flight without a delay is not departing from Ataturk Airport. We have the same bottleneck in terms of cargo. We say the planes are increasing. Therefore, our carrying capacity is increasing. Delivery times are extended and there is an increase in storage costs. This needs to be resolved. It is necessary to either make arrangements for expanding the areas in the airport or for the acceptance of cargo in the free zone close to the airport, for example, in the free zone of Ataturk Airport, or for the third airport to be made very quickly. ”
Referring to the share of rail transport in 2'lerin Erkeskin, the private sector in the country's own lines of transport using their own means of transport when it comes to improving service quality and costs would be an improvement, he said.
Erkeskin continued as follows: “We will start to use our railway infrastructure more effectively with the dynamics brought by the private sector. Therefore, we think that liberalization in this direction will be very useful. Currently, the share of rail transport in Turkey in 2` percent. When you look at Russia, there is rail transportation up to 80-90 percent, America gets a share without transporting up to 50 percent. The rates are low in Europe. Our goal is to take the railway, which is close to 10 percent, first. We aim to increase it in the next periods. The more we can make the belt from the road to the railway, the more success we will achieve. Railway transport is a cheaper, faster and more environmentally friendly form of transport.

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