Heartfelt Trains ...

Heartfelt Trains
Kaynak Unused financial resources
surely not lost,
but unused human resources
it has always disappeared. daima
Jerome Wiesner
An organization needs to reach its future goals effectively
predetermination of the number and qualifications of people and how and at what level
We call human resources all activities related to determining that it can be met. Today
to talk to you about a very important issue where human resources experts
I want. … Corporate belonging iyet “
Corporate belonging is the feeling of a person against the institution they work for. Everyone working in the organization
refers to the adoption of values, values. Employees bearing this sentiment are both
they make a great contribution to the success of the institution as well as to their performance. A corporate structure
The most important contribution to the development and stable development in the future periods
makes sense.
The concept of corporate belonging, which starts with “Awareness kavram and“ dedicate itself ”as a result“
to bring his heart to work, as well as his brain. Corporate goals
felt in the heart.
If the concept of acak corporate belonging “is not a reality, what will be left of the institution? Alone and
only rules and walls yalnızca
I did with former railroaders, grandparents with several generations of railroaders sohbetalways ahead
was a common concept of corporate belonging.
Knowing his house, nest, station buildings, houses, the most sacred space of man, how he protects his house and
if it is owned by a mentality of the railway station and trains it is seen as a ve
out of the city k the bird does not fly the caravanserai ”called the workers of the trains passing through the places olan
The alcoholic stove and the famous flask teas are carried in order to warm the food
drinking hours üyle In the snow, in the rain, in the heat of the summer, the power of the trains
railwaymen ...
So what kind of selfless and sacrificing this profession and sacrifice this profession with love,
giving you the power of making possessed?
The Greek philosopher Protagoras has a very nice saying. He says, ”The measure of everything is man.“
every contribution made to lightens the future.
TCDD, a railway station in a desert station, children, spouse knows what can encounter
and all kinds of social opportunities. Because he knew that these people are going to social life, school,
to the hospital at remote stations, the trains in time to reach the place are trying to live.
The absence of theaters in many parts of Turkey, even the power to leave the cinema hall
In the years when it didn't reach, the people of TCDD and their people
He used to carry the white curtain to watch his latest films.
The family, who work in a deserted station that cannot leave office, together with the family
lived life. Children of school age are placed in the pensions of TCDD in city centers,
they would go to schools there. The TCDD family looks after their children in their dormitories,
washing, roads to the school, accompanied by trained supervisors, the course is a useful
they aimed to raise generations. Some of the railroad children to continue the father's profession
they went to railway vocational high school. Successful students were provided with scholarships abroad. When school ends
He used to work in the nest he grew up in. Maintaining the homeland with iron nets on four sides
With ambitions ...
All station employees in the health car, arriving at the station with a doctor every week,
health checks of their families and the people there. Those who have bigger illnesses
they were treated in hospitals owned by TCDD in metropolitan cities.
Market wagons would come to the railway family periodically.
Fashion clothes, magazines, fabrics of the time, food and drinks in this way to the families of the railroad
He delivered. When the salary time comes, this time the teller wagons come to the stations
paid employees.
8.000 km.lik even every 20 km. there is also a station and at least 10 person is at each station
I think it is obvious that the TCDD family is wide.
Working in remote stations, away from family, relatives, social life, to serve this institution
railways are given twice a year called permi and free travel.
they are provided. Even the overseas permits to expand the horizon and the world to recognize
the occasion.
Our camps in various places (Akçay, Urla, Arsuz, Fenerbahçe, Samsun, Menekşe um)
years were allowed to relax and have a pleasant time.
In the holidays, at weddings, funerals, diseases, the institution always works side by side with its employees
I would. The railwaymen, their families and those who lived at that time recognized the social state with TCDD.
TCDD carries this mentality with its approach and commitment to its employees since its foundation and
self-educated and educated railwaymen who see themselves as members of a large family.
In this way, a great devotion to the profession of the railway, the profession of loving and demanded
became like that.
rises above this value at work 156 years, Turkey's oldest institution has come to these days.
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