Trainings of drivers who will use Marmaray trains continue in Edirne

The trainings of the machinists who will use Marmaray trains in Edirne continue.
Turkey's most important, one of the transportation projects Marmaray Project preparations for the to use the Marmaray railway Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) machinists are getting education in the area where the stand Marmaray railway in Edirne Station Directorate logistics warehouse.
During the two-week practical and theoretical trainings, 15 mechanic training is available for each semester.
TCDD 1. Barbarossa Kozaci, one of the region's chief mechanics, said that they gave practical trainings to mechanics who will use the Marmaray trains as both a theoretical and a test drive.
Kozacı stated that those who succeed in the exams to be held at the end of the trainings will work as a machinist on the Marmaray trains. There is another 9 terms of training. About 4 of our friends will have gone through this training until the opening. ”

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