Train and Rail Systems Door, Decoration Ceiling and Floor Panels

In order to increase the speed of the trains due to some structural requirements, the furniture, walls, ceiling and floor panels should be light, fire resistant, high strength. Our Aluminum Honeycomb Panels are used for this purpose in Train and Rail Systems, and they provide a great advantage in heat and sound insulation and vibration damping performance.
Core and Composite Sandwich Panels in Honeycomb / Honeycomb Structure; Due to its high strength, lightness, corrosion resistance and most importantly Fire Resistance, Curtain, Ceiling, Alabanda Decorative Panels, Furniture and Flooring Systems are widely accepted by Train and Rail Systems to lighten.
Causes of Corrugated / Honeycomb Composite Panels in Rail and Rail Systems:
1-Fire Resistance (GL Certified)
2-High Strength
4-High Moisture and Corrosion Resistance
5-Good Isolation and Sound Isolation Effect
6-Perfect Flat Surface View
7-Resistance to Chemical Substances
8-Bacteria and Mushroom Resistance
9-Easy to Clean
Surface Variations:
2-Aluminum plate
3-Natural wood veneer
5-Glass Fiber + Epoxy

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