TRACECA project with Turkey's Increasing Importance

The TRACECALOGMOS meeting of the TRACECA project, which was realized to connect the Commonwealth of Independent States countries to Europe via the Caucasus and the Black Sea, was held in Baku in April. of the projects within the scope of TRACECA UTIKAD who attended the meeting which discussed the Secretary-General and FIATA Rail Working Group Member Hajar Alerts, as did information regarding the railway investments within the scope of his presentation on the project verdi.trace meeting Personalize the review of member countries of Turkey and especially the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line stating that they have a very great importance, said the public transport document that they expect to be used on the line in the Turkey leg. Alerlar, informing that member countries will take an initiative to use the common transportation document, which has been used in the lines in the region since 2009 and whose number of usage is increasing day by day, on the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line, will be connected with the Silk Wind Block Train of Intermodal Transport, the project of Kazakh railways. He noted that Kazakhstan Railways is ready to support the use of this common use document on the Tbilisi-Kars line.
Trabzon of the end of the planned Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line 2013 and Samsun ports and rail links to Central Asia and in the transport of goods from the Caucasus to Europe to Turkey Adaptive attention will make a strategic base "of this line to complete a moment ago, with the Black Sea ports Establishing rail links to other corridors will highlight TRACECA more than other alternatives. This line will be more competitive than other transport corridors in terms of both costs and time. İskenderun and Mersin Container Terminals, which will be particularly effective in freight flow to the Middle East and Asia, will help us get more shares from international trade with their high capacities. İzmir Port will not be able to expand much due to physical opportunities. Çandarlı Port is considered as an alternative port to ease the freight traffic in the region. For this reason, Çandarlı Port to be built in the North Aegean is extremely important in terms of cargo flow and capacity in the region. Filyos Port will create an additional power to the capacities of Trabzon, Hopa and Samsun Ports ”.
Uyarlar stated that it is planned to hold a workshop in the coming months by forming a working group to initiate initiatives for the use of a common transport document at the meeting, adding that with the effect of globalization, railways are becoming increasingly important in freight transport all over the world. kazanEmphasizing that he has a lot of problems, he said, “There are many difficulties in carrying more than 10 thousand kilometers of cargo on the highway. For this reason, it does not seem realistic to transport cargoes in Asian and Caucasian markets only by road. For this reason, Turkey will play a key role in the Asian and Caucasian markets having a say in trade and connecting the energy resources in the region to the European markets in recent years. Parallel to the growth in the Asian market, it is estimated that the rate of freight transport from Asia to Europe reached 2011 percent in 23. In this project, which aims to connect Europe and Asia/China uninterruptedly by rail, the use of the common transport document is also increasing rapidly. Being a party to the TRACECA agreement in 1998, Turkey has an important place in this corridor with its railway, highway lines, ports and the Marmaray project that connects the two mainlands. With the implementation of the Baku-Kars-Tbilisi line and the use of the common transport document, Turkey's importance in this project will increase even more and Turkey will become a key country in this project," he said.
TRACECA project with the Caucasus, the Middle East and Turkey aimed at facilitating global trade through developing Asia-Europe transport and transport axis. In this respect, TRACECA Project is a project that is identified with the historical Silk Road that connects eastern and western countries. The railway line runs from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, to Kars, after Georgia's cities of Tbilisi and Ahılkelek. In parallel with the completion of the Marmaray project in the Bosphorus, when the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project is implemented, it will be possible to transport cargo from Europe to China by rail. With the completion of both projects, a significant portion of the cargo and passengers that can be transported from Asia to Europe will use this line. When the project is completed, it is aimed to carry 1 million passengers and 6,5 million tons of cargo annually in the first stage.
11 to 15 June 2012 between senior representatives of the 60 TRACECA member countries "Logistics Centers and Motorways of the Sea II" will come to Turkey as the model project in the country. The delegation starts visit to Kazakhstan from TRACECA China border, at the European border with Turkey to try to end routes, "Silk Wind Block Train Project" will provide information about developments in the. It will also exchange information about the Turkish logistics industry and activities.
The aim of the project, called the “İpek Wind Block Train Project”, covers the exchange of information with advanced electronic infrastructure and the creation of a fast container block train route in order to shift the door-to-door freight traffic to the Europe-Caucasus-Asia corridor. China in the route of the project, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey excerpt. Silk Wind project, which has a high level of load flow for establishing a direct shorter and faster rail link between China and Turkey, the olaylaştırıl customs and border crossing procedures, aims to reduce the negative impact on transit and travel time and the environment. With this project, the existing 4688 km road will be reduced to 3723 km and the average transportation time of 16 days will be reduced to 12 days. On the other hand, the waiting time at the borders will decrease from 3-12 hours to 30 minutes-3 hours with this project.

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