UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, said that in recent years the movement of goods which starts to flow through Turkey to the Balkan countries of the world.
Referring to the share of rail transport in 2'lerin Erkeskin, the private sector in the country's own lines of transport using their own means of transport when it comes to improving service quality and costs would be an improvement, he said.
Erkeskin continued his words as follows: ektif With the dynamics brought by the private sector, we will start to use our railway infrastructure more effectively. Therefore, we think that liberalization in this direction will be of great benefit. Currently in xnumx` percent share of rail transport in Turkey. When you look at Russia, there is a railway transportation up to 2-80, and the United States gets a share of the 90. Rates are low in Europe. Our goal is to get the first share of the railroads near the 50. We aim to increase in the following periods. The more roadways we can accomplish with the rail, the more success we'll have. Railway transportation is cheaper, more serial and more sensitive to the environment ucuz

Source: Haberortak

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