TMMOB Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch: Cable car is expensive and wrong

The executives of the Chamber of Architects of Ankara Chamber of Commerce gave information to the press about the cable car lines planned by the Metropolitan Municipality.

Mr. Ali Hakkan, Chairman of the Ankara Branch, stated that there was a need to inform the citizens about the news about the establishment of the cable car line of the Metropolitan Municipality and mentioned the cable car line ası Kızılay-Oran, Kızılay-Dikmen leri. However, it is understood that new lines are considered. He said that the use of ropeways is more touristy in the world, and that it is wrong in terms of the cost height and the carrying capacity to be provided as a solution for public transportation in the city.

Ankara Branch Executive Board Secretary Tezcan Karakuş Candan said, yıl The problems of the capital are due to the lack of a transportation plan; He criticized the low capacity and expensive ropeway transportation without any feasibility study and technical research.

Hakkan and Candan stated that the possible risks that will arise with the cable car are not evaluated, the costs of the necessary measures and the negative effects of the environment are not revealed, the cableway technology (Gondola), which is intended to be used in Ankara, and the capacity of 10 cabinets are the only 1200 passengers in one direction per hour.

Özlem Dengiz Uğur, Board Member of Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch, said: Öz It is important to consider the city as a whole. In many countries, it is fun to enjoy the touristic examples, but it is fantastic for Ankara! Should I not take it seriously? U Ankara is a city that has lost its last 20 year, “he said.

Transportation Planner, Architect and City Planner Erhan Öncü, who has researches on this subject, prepared a report in the report: 10 thousand passengers can be transported in one direction in one hour. Therefore, with the investments in the ropeway, very small, small carrying capacity is created. Even if a minibus or a bus line will be opened in areas where the ropeway is proposed, it will provide a much higher capacity. T The report ihtiyacı Ankara does not need an investment that will create very serious problems such as the cable car, which will be expensive and low capacity, will serve a very small section, and will eradicate the city with the cable car station and Guven Park to be built. Ankara needs real public transport, not toys, öner explains the proposed cable car lines and costs with a table.

cable car Architects' Chamber Ankara Branch: Cable car expensive and wrong

At the end of the meeting, members of the press were invited to the action of Ankara Solidarity 28 May at 12.

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