Share of Rail Systems in Public Reach to 72

Architects and Engineers Group met their guests and members at the meeting and breakfast held at Barcelo Eresin Topkapı Hotel. Speakers of the panel titled “Istanbul 2023 Public Transport Vision” moderated by breakfast and moderated by MMG Construction Commission President Murat Seven; IETT General Manager Asst. Assoc. Dr. Hayri Baraçlı, İstanbul Şehir Hatları A.Ş. General Manager Süleyman Genç, Istanbul Transportation Inc. General Manager Ömer Yıldız and TCDD 1st Region Manager Hasan Gedikli. Speaking before the panel, MMG Chairman Avni Çebi briefed the participants and guests about MMG's activities and the panels and symposiums organized about the issues that concern the society.
Dursun Balcıoğlu, Head of Transportation Department of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, gave information about the rail, highway, parking lot, traffic management and maritime systems of Istanbul and Istanbul. Emphasizing that Istanbul is a settlement area of ​​8,500 years, Balcıoğlu stated that Istanbul is a strategically important province in the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Middle East and stated that it is the first among 150 metropolitan cities among the developing cities. Pointing out that Istanbul, which is the 2010 European Capital of Culture, is hosting many big events, Balcıoğlu said, “Istanbul 2012 was declared the European Sports Capital. In addition, it became a city that is chaired by UCLG, which is a member of more than 100 cities from 1.000 countries. With a population of 13.1 million, Istanbul is larger than Europe's 23 countries. ” said. Stating that they have created the “Urban Transportation Master Plan” with JICA to determine the future transportation strategies of Istanbul, Mayor Balcıoğlu stated that 13 million daily passengers have been reached in Istanbul with a population of 23 million and that traffic between Asia and Europe is being entered every day. informed that the transition was 400 million. Pointing out that there was a 1,1 km rail system and a 2004 km suburban line in Istanbul before 45, Balcıoğlu said, “We have put into service a 72 km rail system after 2004. We have a total of 57,6 km rail system. The construction of the 102,7 Km Metro line continues. ” he spoke. Balcıoğlu also said the following about Marmaray, highway systems, Istanbul Bus Inc. and parking systems; “We established a 52,5 km Metrobus line and we carry 42 thousand people a day. Thanks to the Metrobus, 610 out of 100 people parked their vehicles. We are strengthening our fleet with 21 new buses without using public resources (with private sector financing). By switching to ticket integration in public transportation, we provided the opportunity to travel with a single ticket. We will have a total of 1.500 parking lots with a capacity of 641 thousand 316 vehicles. With 3.097 Park Continue points, we drive 12 vehicles a day. ”
Ömer Yıldız, General Manager of Istanbul Transportation Inc., talked about Istanbul Transportation Inc. and its long-term plans. Yıldız, who shared the map of the Istanbul Transportation Inc. network with the guests, shared the statistical data of the increase in the number of passengers per year and the lines used by the passengers. Yıldız, which shows transportation and route surveys, rail system infrastructure planning, the creation of design and operating criteria, and economic and financial analysis studies as Engineering Services, as system design, system design, route and route structures, station and transfer centers, electro mechanical systems and warehouse. and added maintenance areas. Speaking about the advances in rail systems, General Manager Yıldız emphasized that there is 153 km of existing network and that they aim for a 641 km network with the completion of projects in the construction, tender, design and survey stages. Speaking about the 2023 target of Istanbul Ulasim AS, he said, "In 2023, the share of rail systems in public transportation will increase to 72% while the share of rubber wheel systems will decrease to 26%."

Source: World Bulletin

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