Sarayönü Municipality is going to tender for railway crossing

The train pedestrian crossing, which has become a bleeding wound for years and is on the agenda in the 2009 local elections as in every local election, is no longer a problem. As a result of the studies carried out in accordance with the criteria set by the TCDD, a sub-passage was decided.
Noting that the pedestrian crossing problem would be solved much earlier, but that they were stuck in the procedures of TCDD each time, Sarayönü Mayor Mehmet Güney said, T We have met with our citizens residing in Saraç Neighborhood many times and occasionally held meetings with the residents to get their opinions. As a result of these meetings, we prepared a project in accordance with the request of our residents and also in accordance with the procedures of TCDD. Bu
Stating that the need for a pedestrian crossing further increases with the construction of the TOKİ dwellings in the Saraç Neighborhood, Güney said, daha We had previously drawn a project in line with the negotiations with TCDD. In the project of the pedestrian crossing which will provide the pedestrian connection of Saraç Quarter and Sarayönü center, 7.33 m. an overpass would be built. We told the residents of the project in order not to cause any grievances. This project was supposed to be a project to be agreed by the majority. For this reason, we took the views of the residents in the meetings we had with the residents of the Saraç Neighborhood and decided that the overpass would not be appropriate. Instead, we headed for the underpass project, which was more useful. We prepared and published our tender. Following the tender to be made in the coming days, the construction of the underpass will start quickly. On the left side of the station building, there will be both a staircase and a lift option. An important wound will be closed by the construction of the underpass, which will provide great convenience to the seventies, the elderly and the young. Yed

Source: Saraymedya

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