Tcdd Measured, Accidents Reduced

Measures and investments have reduced railway accidents by 5 per year in the last 55.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the number of dead and injured in this accident with the last 5 years as a result of railway accidents and improvement measures are taken by the General Directorate greatly reduced. In the said process, the number of accidents on railways was reduced by 55 percent, the number of people who died in these accidents was 34 percent, and the number of injured was 45 percent.
2007 people died in 394 railway accidents that occurred in 108, 204 people were injured, in 2011 the number of accidents decreased to 177, the number of dead to 71 and the number of injured to 112.
According to the information received by the AA reporter, a significant part of the accidents that occur on the railroad is the crossing of the train with the level crossing accidents. Accidents that occur as a result of the train hitting pedestrians usually take place in busy residential centers where TCDD operates suburban operations. In these regions, TCDD makes underpasses and overpasses for pedestrians with tender work such as wire mesh around the line and covering with a concrete wall. Thanks to these studies, the accidents that occurred when the train hit the pedestrian in the 5-year period showed a 43 percent decrease. While there were 2007 accidents in this way in 98, this number decreased to 2011 in 56. The death toll in these accidents dropped from 2007 in 63 to 2011 in 32.
- Efforts to reduce passage accidents
Level crossing accidents constitute the biggest part of the accidents that occur on railways. In line with the goal of "zero accident on railways", TCDD continues its efforts for level crossings.
As part of this work, which number 2002 level crossings in Turkey in 4.810, when it was reduced to 1.395 in 2011 to 3.415 in closing point.
2.372 of these level crossings are under the responsibility of the provincial private administration, 765 of the municipalities, 186 of the General Directorate of Highways and 92 of other institutions and organizations. The duty of ensuring passage safety at level crossings is under the responsibility of the institution and organization that uses the highway, in accordance with the High Planning Council Decision.
TCDD officials say that despite the fact that the railway vehicles have the advantage of crossing, they feel uncomfortable with the perception that the railroads are defective in public accidents. For this reason, TCDD, although not under its responsibility, recommends the improvement of level crossings to institutions and organizations that own the highway first. If no work is done, improvements are made by TCDD and billed to the relevant institutions.
2011 has been protected from uncontrolled passage by 555 until the end of 260. 1.101 automatic levelers with automatic flashers were transformed into automatic barrier.
- The number of transit accidents decreased by 70 -
TCDD, measures taken to reduce the level crossing and measures taken to reduce the work has seen the equivalent.
In the last 5 years, the number of accidents in level crossings has decreased by 70 percent. In 2007, 139 level crossing accidents occurred, 43 people died and 143 people were injured in these accidents. As of the end of 2011, the number of accidents at level crossings decreased to 42, the number of deaths to 36 and the number of injured to 61.
Compared to previous years, accidents due to derails also decreased. While there were 2007 accidents as a result of derailing in 89, this figure was 2011 in 51.
- Raising campaign -
TCDD, which aims to reduce the accidents to zero, continues its activities in this direction intensively.
In this context, TCDD, which is preparing to launch a large public awareness raising campaign on children, together with the Ministry of National Education in June, is also planning to make a broad promotion of the “131” Railway Emergency Warning Line that it has recently implemented.
In addition, TCDD continues to work with the relevant institutions on the legal regulations that will include the “National Rail Level Crossing Standard” rules that will be prepared based on the Highway Traffic Law.

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