TCDD has sued the Master Plan for Conservation of the Historic Peninsula

11.08.2011 dated 4728 of the Cultural and Natural Assets Preservation Directorate No. IV of 03.11.2011 dates 101 date and 14.12.2011 2805 27.01.2012 27.02.2012 / 1 5000 Scale Fatih District of the Historic Peninsula Conservation of the Master Plan of the TCDD against the execution of the part of the TCDD and the execution of the TCDD by the Istanbul Administrative Court filed a lawsuit on 27.04.2012.
Approved by TBBD to the Conservation Plan of the Historic Peninsula, Fatih District of Fatih, which was suspended by the IMM Assembly on the date of 14.12.2011 and 2805 and approved by 27.01.2012 and 27.02.2012.
Sirkeci Gar and the surrounding area of ​​the TCDD to contain different zoning decisions, after opening the Marmaray business Cankurtaran, Kumkapı, Kocamustafapasa, Yedikule stations in connection with the Marmaray line taking into account the potential potential of the suburban train operations are considered at appropriate intervals.
The Sirkeci railway station is located on the Sirkeci Gar ferry road as it requires a maintenance unit for the trains to be terminated in Sirkeci Garda, as the Sirkeci train station will be constructed to enable the commuter trains to arrive at the International Sirkeci Railway Station. Korun as planning and preservation
Sirkeci is opposed to the reasons for evaluating the immovable properties outside the corridor required for the operations of the existing double line railway stations and stops at the Yedikule.
An objection was made by the letter 22.02.2012 of TCDD dated 4835. The objection was rejected by IMM, and upon the rejection of the imposition, the DCDD Istanbul Administrative Court had partially filed a lawsuit with YD and a cancellation request.

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