TCDD Haydarpaşa Port Operations Administration Building will have disabled elevator building!

TCDD Haydarpaşa Port Operations Directorate will tender the construction of disabled elevators to the administrative building of the port in an open tender procedure.
The construction of the Disabled Elevator to the Administrative Building of our Port will be tendered by open tender procedure in accordance with Article 4734 of the Public Procurement Law No. 19. Detailed Information about the auction can be found down below.
Tender Registration Number: 2012 / 62101
1 of Administration
a) Address: Selimiye Harem Iskele Street ÜSKÜDAR / İSTANBUL
b) Telephone and fax number: 2163488020-2163451705
c) E-mail Address:
ç) The internet address where the tender document can be seen
2-Construction work
a) Quality, type and quantity: Detailed information on the nature, type and amount of the tender can be accessed from the administrative specifications in the tender document in EKAP (Electronic Public Procurement Platform).
b) Location: Haydarpaşa Port Management Directorate.
c) Start date: 10 will be delivered within one day from the date of signing the contract and work will be started.
d) Duration of work: 30 (Thirty) calendar days from place delivery.
3 the Tender
a) Location: Haydarpaşa Port Management Directorate / İSTANBUL
b) Date and time: 01.06.2012 - 10:00
4.Response requirements and required documents and criteria to be applied in the assessment of competence:
4.1. Terms and conditions of application
4.1.1. The Chamber of Commerce and / or Industry or Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen or the relevant Chamber of Profession. case it is a real person, it is registered in the Chamber, from the Chamber of Commerce and / or Industry where it is registered, or from the tradesmen and the art chamber or from the relevant professional chamber, taken within the year of the first announcement or tender date, case it is a good person, it is taken from the Chamber of Commerce and / or Industry where it is registered in accordance with the relevant legislation, taken in the year of the first announcement or tender date, indicating that the legal entity is registered in the room,
4.1.2. Signature Declaration or Signature Circular showing that it is authorized to give. the case of a real person, a notarized signature declaration. Indicates the latest status indicating the legal status of the legal entity with the partners, members or founders of the legal entity according to its relevance. The Trade Registry Gazette does not have all of this information in a Trade Registry Gazette. documents indicating the issues and notarized signature circular of legal entity,
4.1.3. Letter of bid, whose content is determined in the Administrative Specification.
4.1.4. Temporary collateral determined in the Administrative Specification.
The subcontractor can be operated with the approval of the administration. However, the whole work cannot be made to subcontractors.
4.1.6.If the certificate submitted by the person who is presented to show work experience belongs to his / her partner who has more than half of the legal entity, the trade registry offices within the chamber of commerce and industry or the certified public accountant or the public accountant after the first announcement date The document showing that this condition has been preserved continuously for the last one year.
4.2.Information on economic and financial qualification and criteria to be met: The criteria for economic and financial adequacy are not specified by the Administration.
Documents related to professional and technical competence and criteria to be met by these documents
4.3.1. Business experience documents: Documents demonstrating work experience related to the subject matter of the tender or similar works, not less than 50% of the price promised and proposed within the last fifteen years.
4.3.2.Information on organization structure and personnel status:
a) Key Technical Personnel is not required.
b) Technical Staff:
Position Professional Title
1 Control Engineer Mechanical Engineer
The works to be accepted as similar work in this tender and the engineering and architecture departments which will be considered equivalent to similar works:
4.4.1 Works to be accepted as similar work in this tender: C Sanitary and Mechanical Installation Works III. Grup Asansör - Electro Mechanical Works.
Engineering or architecture departments which are considered as equivalent to 4.4.2.Benzer:
Mechanical engineering
5. The most advantageous bid in economic terms will be determined on the basis of price.
Only domestic tenderers can participate in the application.
Viewing and purchasing of 7.Import:
The 7.1.İhale document can be seen at the address of the administration and can be purchased from the Bureau of Commodities and Services Procurement Commission of Haydarpaşa Port Management in return for 50 TRY (Turkish Lira).
7.2.It is mandatory for the bidder to purchase the tender document or download it via e-signature via EKAP.
8.Tables can be delivered by hand to Haydarpaşa Port Authority Directorate of Goods and Services Procurement Bureau until the date and time of the tender and can be sent to the same address via registered mail.
Tenderers shall submit their bids on the turnkey lump sum price. As a result of the tender, the contractor will be signed a turnkey lump sum contract. In this tender, shall be submitted for the whole work.
Tenderers shall submit a bid bond in the amount determined by them not to be less than% 10 of the bid price.
11. The validity period of the bids is 30 (Thirty) calendar days from the tender date.
12.Consultation can not be offered as tender.
13. Other considerations: Boundary Value Coefficient (N): 1

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