A Word of Computer for the Handicapped from Süleyman Karaman, General Manager of TCDD

General Director of State Railways (TCDD) Süleyman Karaman promised a set of computers and English language training to Gören Eller Elementary School students in the 'Barrier-Free Rails' program organized by TCDD due to the World Disabled Week.
TCDD promises computers to disabled people
Due to the World Disability Week, TCDD General Directorate Conference Hall organized 'Barrier Free Rails' program. In the program attended by disabled people working in the public sector, Gören Eller Elementary School presented students with visual disabilities, Turkish Classical Music concert and folk dances.
TCDD General Manager Karaman, folk dances prepared specifically for the show held by the hands of visually impaired students. Students who staged difficult figures in a harmonious manner received great applause from the guests. At the end of the demonstration, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman responded positively to the students' willingness to support their schools. Karaman, Gören Eller Elementary School computer lab and English training kit will give support to the laboratory announced.
'You are the epic by the team in Turkey'
Emphasizing that there is no obstacle to share life, they support the disabled citizens at every opportunity that expresses Karaman, said:
'There is a difference between the disabled people working on the railroad and other disabled people working in other institutions, other public units. Tomorrow your children, 'Turkey in Europe our time in sixth, eighth fastest in the world I was trying to train the country's railways "you say. 'Ankara-Eskisehir YHT was done in my time' you will say. 'Ankara-Konya YHT've made a foreign hand we touched, we have succeeded, we've taken the business' you will say. '100 untouched for years, 150 untouched roads have been renewed in our time' you will say. 'Turkey, from Beijing to London, or extending the country's central railway Silk was my time "you say. 'I've had salt in my soup, I've worked in 8 project 8 a year, I spilled sweat, I wore a sweat, thank God, being a railroad, I'm proud to work on railways' you will say. you also have you in the saga by teams in Turkey.
Being disabled cannot be a matter of discrimination. Our constitution has changed. Our laws have changed. Positive discrimination articles entered the law. You may have a different place in laws, regulations, legislation. But remember, you have a different place in our hearts. You are also the epics in Turkey by you in the team. '
Karaman announced that the disabled 100 will send the railway to Arsuz Camp to increase morale and motivation, to help them learn about their education and legal rights.
Association of Disabled People Working in the Public Affairs Yildiray Cinar 156 the world celebrated in the week of the Handicapped Week, the railway is proud of the work done for people with disabilities as a railroad, he said. Çınar said that it is important to understand disabled people and to listen to their problems.

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