TCDD Bandirma - Balikesir - Manisa - Menemen Line Electrification Project Aykon Elektrik- Siemens Inc.- Sahin Yilmaz - Emre Ray companies appealed to TCDD for the result of the tender

New developments have been recorded on the tender for the en Establishment of Electrification Facilities at the Bandırma - Balıkesir - Manisa - Menemen (Excluding) Line Section Hat which was collected by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) on 13 September 2011.
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; Aykon Elektrik, Siemens AS, Sahin Yilmaz - Emre Ray, the companies filed an objection to TCDD. TCDD officials who evaluated the objection said that they will respond to the companies as soon as possible.
The approximate cost is 1. For section; 32.981.510 lira, 2. For section; 28.510.880 lira, 3. For section; 31.433.360 lira, 4. For section; 33.762.804 lira and 5. For section; The winners and the bids of this tender, determined as 33.086.100 lira, were as follows:
1. Savronik Electronics
1. For section: ¨ 18.721.088
2. For section: ¨ 16.414.937
5. For section: ¨ 20.848.764
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3. For section: ¨ 22.398.272
4. For section: ¨ 23.159.441
Other companies participating in the tender were determined as follows:
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2. Anel Electric
3. Alstom Grid
4. Dalkıranlar A.Ş.
5. E + M Electric
6. Gülermak Inc.
7. Siemens A.Ş.
8. Ultra Technology - Nas Construction
9. Building Center

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