TCDD Ankara İzmir High Speed ​​Train Project Approval of Council of Ministers for Emergency Expropriation


Year 2012 Investment Program 2007E010130 project involved the number Ankara - Polatli - Afyonkarahisar Uşak - Izmir built in order Polatli speed train railway line planned under the project - Afyonkarahisar in muhdesat the Republic of Turkey on the immovable corresponding to the track specified in the attached sketch State Railways General Directorate by urgent expropriation; After the letter of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication dated 25/4/2012 and numbered 1262, it was decided by the Council of Ministers on 2942/27/2 according to the 5th article of the Expropriation Law numbered 2012. The tender announcement is made in 2012 within the scope of the "Ankara - İzmir High Speed ​​Train Project" tender, and the tender is announced in XNUMX.

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