Today in History: 31 May 1976 Arifiye-Sincan new railway and Ayaş Tunnel

31 May 1976 Arifiye-Sincan new railroad and Ayaş Tunnel (Ankara-Istanbul Speed ​​Railway Project) were tendered. The construction of the project, which was awarded to Nurol İnşaat ve Tic AŞ, started in the same year.
31 May 1934 date and 2487 numbered Law and İzmir-Kasaba and Temdidi Railways (703 km) were purchased from the French. 5 Turkish Debt Securities with 50 interest and 1934 year reductions were paid to the company. The total value was 162.468.000 French Franc. This line 20 was taken to the State Railways network as of May 1934.

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