For the Ankara Stores Festival, special high speed train services will be organized at Konya and Eskişehir on weekends.

Brands are waiting for Ankara Shopping Fest, where at least a% 30 discount will be implemented in Ankara to unload warehouses.
According to the information received by the AA correspondent, Culture and Tourism Ministry, the Ministry of Development, Governorship of Ankara, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union (TOBB) and Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO), jointly organized by and 8 will begin on June Ankara Shopping Fest brands will sell at least 30 discount in Turkey.
During the festival, 45 bin 5 events and shows will be held at 543 separate points of Ankara, especially Kızılay, Ulus, Çankaya, Bahçelievler, İzmir Caddesi and Sakarya Street.
The owner of every 25 payday shopping with credit card and debit card at all points of the city will be entitled to a lot number.
With the organization of the Interbank Card Center, a lottery will be given to the 22 winners as a result of the draws to be held under the supervision of the National Lottery Administration.
During the festival, special high speed train services will be organized from Konya and Eskişehir on weekends.
50 discount will be provided in one direction and 1 will fly to Ankara between June and 8 July and everyone who makes 500 pounds will be given a return ticket by air.
8 pieces will be distributed to the guests who come to the Jewelery Fair to be held in Ankara in June at 600. The gold to be distributed will be produced exclusively for Ankara Shopping Fest.
AA correspondent, who made statements to the festival on behalf of the ATO Election Assembly Aydin, this festival will contribute to the promotion and trade of Ankara, emphasizing that, along with such activities, Ankara will move rapidly towards becoming a tourist center, he said.
Aydin, the upcoming Ramadan by continuing this kind of activities in Ankara, tourism will continue to express the voicing, within the scope of the festival will go to the hotel said discounts.
-3 night stay free on 1 night
selection Aydın, 3 overnight stays in hotels will be free of a night expressing, in this context, 5 stars and 4 star hotels 46 completed the preparations for the hotel said.
- ”Empty your warehouses - -
"We aim to attract local and international 1 million tourists to Ankara within the scope of the festival," he said. "We are expecting significant contributions from domestic and foreign markets as a result of these participation, we aim to increase the total turnover of 35."
Aydin, the festival will participate in the workplace "empty your warehouses," he said that, at least 30 discount will come across customers, he said.
selection Aydın, the shopping centers will remain open until Saturday, 23.00, specifying if the demand on Sundays shopping centers will serve until this time reported.
-Ankara will be better known.
Ankara Shopping Fest will be presented at major centers in the world, mainly in Moscow, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Tehran, Vienna and Brussels. Banners and bulletin boards will be exhibited in some cities with the work of the General Directorate of Promotion of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In order to attract participants from neighboring countries, artists from the countries such as Ruslana, Sami Yusuf, Haife Wehbe and Enrico Macias will also perform.
-Guinness record attempts will be made-
In Ankara Shopping Fest, two Guinness records will be broken. 1 tons of youth park in the world's youngest Ankara turnover will be cut, will be distributed to children coming from the Child Protection Agency. As the second record attempt, a make-up record will be made in Ankara and the 500 woman will be applying make-up.
-Festival will end with Ajda Pekkan who will start with Tarkan.
After the opening of the festival, 9 will perform a Tarkan concert in June, and the festival's end date is 1. Many artists, including Murat Boz, Emre Aydin, Halil Sezai, Kutsi, Hadise, Funda Arar, Ferhat Gocer Hande Yener, Hadise, Mustafa Ceceli, Murat Dalkılıç, Rafet El Roman, Sibel Can. Ebru Gündeş and Sinan Özen will be in the 2012 in 212.

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