Level Crossings Are Closed In Salihli

In the district of Salihli, it is stated that automatic barrier gateways will be closed due to railway line renovations which will take 4 days.
In the written statement made by the State Railways, it was reported that 4 automatic barriers in Salihli will be closed to vehicle traffic due to the work on the railways.
In the statement, the barriers on Menderes Street will be closed between 15-16 on May 08.00 and 17.00, barriers on Acısu Street (Stadium) between 16-08.00 on May 17.00 and Kurudere Street barriers between 17-18 on 08.00 and 17.00 May. was expressed.
-There is a final stage in the renovation of line roads
Within the scope of the accelerated train project of the State Railways, the road renewal works between Manisa and Alaşehir have reached the final stage.
Authorities stating that they had reached the final stage in the road renewal works carried out in two stages gave the following information:
“Road renewal works between Manisa and Salihli, which started in July 2011, were completed in November 2011. The second phase works on the Salihli-Alaşehir line, which started on December 12, 2011, are about to be completed. As the State Railways, we are building the Salihli-Alaşehir line, which is the second phase of the project related to road renewal work, with our own personnel. The materials used in the railway renovation works are 2 percent local. Train tracks are produced in Kardemir Çelik factory in Karabük. These steels are the second highest quality product produced in the world after Italy. These renovation works will be completed within 15 days. From the date of completion of the road renewal works within the scope of the Accelerated Train Project, the railway transportation between Alaşehir and Manisa will be both easier and risk-free. "

Source: AA

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