Light Rail System vehicles were ordered in Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, ray Adapazarı Arifiye between the light rail system was ordered to order vehicles. We will be out of the tender as soon as possible, "he said.
Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu, speaking at the AK Party Adapazarı District Advisory Council Meeting, gave the good news of the light rail system. Speaking at the Advisory Council held in Toçoğlu, Metropolitan Municipality's ongoing projects, and information about the work to be done gave information. Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu said that the Orhan Mosque Square was completed and the city became a perfect solution. Kav As everyone has noticed, we have accelerated our work in 2012. Before I came to the meeting, I also visited Orhan Mosque Square. We brought our citizens to a beautiful square that breathed our city. We continue to work at the Gar Square. There will be a very beautiful square in a short time. We will start to work on the Atatürk and Karaağaç boulevards in the near future. When our work ends, the squares and boulevards will be integrated and our city center will have a much more beautiful view. Our work in Yenikent continues. We bring together the important and beautiful services of our citizens to further revitalize Yenikent's cultural and social life. In order to reach the transportation level of our Sakarya, we increase our transportation fleets, make arrangements on the streets, establish an intersection control center and plan the future of our city with the Sakarya Transportation Master Plan. At the same time, we have introduced the light rail system of Sakarya. We ordered our vehicles in the light rail system of Adapazarı Arifiye. The tender of our stops will be in a very short time. We continue our work in order to be a more livable city in every area of ​​Sakarya u he said.
Speaking on behalf of President Clever Toçoğlu Sakarya after MPs and the Parliamentary Human Rights Commission Chairman Ayhan Sefer Ustun, he mentioned the changes taking place in Turkey last month. Expressing that the services of the AK Party in the last month will take a very long time, Üstün said, ş Thankfully our party does not stop at all and is signing the services that are important for the future of our country. We all follow the changes in health, education and the judiciary, takip he said.

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