IKZ Railway Line Rehabilitation and Signaling Project

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, become a member of the EU, said they would combine their railways ago to integrate with Europe, "Step by step way, with the railways, a united with the sea with airlines Europe, Turkey is no longer say Turkey to the EU actively involved," he said.
Karabük Gaza Irmak-Karabuk-Zonguldak (IKZ) Railway Line Rehabilitation and signalization of the groundbreaking ceremony Minister Minister Yıldırım, the country's development, enrichment and welfare of the people working today for the welfare of the people of Karabük to show their faith, he said.
Yildirim, Turkey's development and industrialization is an important place in Karabük, he told negligence receive the grant.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 15 thousand kilometers divided road, making the way to the air way of the people, railroads to stand up and the Turkish people 40 year-long speed train, which reminiscent of the year long train reminiscent of the country, 9,5 15 500 58,5 XNUMX divided the year, XNUMX said the airline had increased the number of people to million.
Lightning, 15 millions of people boarded for the first time by expressing the airports, so 100 million people with a capacity to do a new airport told. Stressing that the high-speed train dream has been realized, Yıldırım said that while they are investing in railways, they attach importance to developing railroad related industries.
Yildirim said that they were trying hard to get a rail when they took office.
Ik We couldn't get 3 rails. A hidden hand keeps us from taking the tracks. In the end I threw my head, I told Karabük that we will give a task rail, tired of the whims of the sellers. They made investments, they produced rails. They built a train rail, but they didn't produce the 60-meter high-speed train rail. Now Karabük, gives us a time rail, exports what they do. Halal get, Hel he said.
- "Seljuk, Ottoman, we are connecting the capital to Istanbul, Turkey" -
Lightning, describing the work done, ıy Ankara-Istanbul is counting the days 2013 are opening at the end. We are opening Ankara-Sivas and Ankara-Bursa at 2016, and opening Ankara-İzmir at 2017. We are opening Bursa at 2016. So Seljuks, the pearl of the world, the capital of the Ottoman Republic of Turkey we attribute all this our city of Istanbul. We are reviving the seamless historical Silk Road from Beijing to London with Marmaray Londra.
Yildirim, Turkey's dream of 154 years, the Marmaray project will be opened, one of the world's largest xnumx't 29 October, he said.
It is stated that the cost of the Ovit Tunnel which was laid yesterday is over 450 trillion, and that the cost of the 415 kilometer Karabük-Irmak-Zonguldak railway line is above the 500 trillion, that is, a project larger than the Ovit Tunnel, the project of civilization and modernity of this project. said that.
Stating that the Turkish people want to integrate with Europe, Yildirim said:
. It is not a burden on Europe, it is going to share Europe's burden. We've never been folks who have a load on anyone. We always had support for everyone, we had a contribution. The history of the Turkish nation has a glorious history, and the same understanding continues in the future. To join the EU and to integrate with Europe, we will unite the railways first. We will not only equip the railroads and railroads from all over the country, we will also unite it with Europe. This project is one of them. Step by step with roads, railways with a united European airlines by the sea with Turkey, then Turkey to the EU is now actively involved. Therefore, we do not think that the EU is merely to enter into unity and to provide something there. Turkey, always contributing, power, energy continues to work with an approach that increases his friends. "
He said that it is gratifying that the EU has allocated great support and resources to infrastructure investments, maritime and airline investments, primarily the railways, and said, lar What is an important principle in the EU - free movement of people and cargoes. The Turks go to Europe without any obstacles. Europeans, how it is done if mutual coming to Turkey, "he said.
Yıldırım said, arı This project is starting. We will overhaul the entire 11 thousand kilometer line of our railways and we will be defeated. 75 has not been handled for years, the signaling will be done, the tracks will change, the tracks will go from Karabük. Karabük rails, Turkey will equip overall. Now, the way of the EU starts from Karabük, we started to open the road from Karabük. Good luck to the auspicious lu.
- ”48 month is easy to say, let's pull it down“ -
"48 months say easy to say, let's pull it down, Karabuk waited a lot," said Yildirim, EU Minister Egemen Bagis, contractor firm Mön JV Partnership with Yapı Merkezi partnership representatives, Karabuk Governor İzzettin Küçük, regional lawmakers and EU officials invited the runway.
Chairman of the Building Center Emre Aykar, 48 Yildirim said the month is more than the month of the project 40 asked for completion. Contractor firm Aykar promised to complete the project in 40 months.

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