Discovery Tour for Rail System Center

Governor Koçdemir and Rector Aydın visited Alpu for National Rail Systems Center of Excellence.
Governor Kadir Koçdemir and Anadolu University Rector Prof. Dr. Davut Aydın made an expedition to the land where the center will be established in Alpu. Governor Kadir Koçdemir, Vice Rector of Anadolu University Prof. Dr. Mustafa Cavcar and Faculty Member Prof. Dr. He received information from Doğan Gökhan Ece about the URAYSİM project.

"After that, it's a matter of resource and time"
Koçdemir said, “The most important part of this was getting this intention accepted and answering questions about where to do it. After that, it is a bit of a matter of financial resources and time. Koçdemir said, “We, as the administration, will make quick decisions in line with the pace this beautiful project has achieved so far, and strive for the implementation of this project as soon as possible, with our team regarding issues related to the development plans, legislation and allocations.
"Third Campus to Alpu"
David Rector Aydın, "Eskişehir, the development of Turkey's rail system, Eskişehir's very important to have a rail system in the direction of the center, began as a very, very important project. The initial cost is 250 trillion lira with old money. Here, there will be a project that will create a lot of employment and a large number of engineers will work. We will also move the school here, and we will also move the institutes. So here we go from Yunusemre of Anadolu University to the new rail systems campus after 2 Eylül Campus. I say God help us. He said, "God should not embarrass you."
The center to be established in Alpu will have various lengths of test railways and laboratories. It is stated at the center that the personnel will make the rail systems towing vehicles and their components certified according to international standards. Center's most important function, compliance with international standards tests with both produced in Turkey and abroad purchased rail cars to be carried out and will be made of EU interoperability certification process. The URAYSİM project was submitted to the Ministry of Development in June 2010, and the project was accepted on the condition that it was revised in January 2011. It was published in the Official Gazette on January 14, 2012 and included in the investment program.

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