The funicular of Osman Hamdi and the Channel Istanbul of the Ottoman Empire come to life.

In the book titled 'The Crazy Projects of the Ottoman Empire ab, published by Turan Sahin and the historical researcher Turan Sahin, iç The bridge that will be built on the Bosphorus and the bridges built on the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea ” the first plans of many works were made in the Ottoman period.
Most of the UM crazy X projects of the Ottoman Empire, which took place after hundreds of years, or stepped in to make it happen, are the following:
The Leonardo da Vinci bridge!
* S. Prerault's Cisr-i Enbubi Project (Underwater steel tunnel): The first offer to combine the Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa stations came from Prerault at 1860. The project is the work of Sultan Abdulhamid. The Ottoman Empire found the project far from being applicable. The project will come to life when Marmaray, whose construction started on 2004, was commissioned.
* Leonardo da Vinci's Golden Horn Bridge Project: Vinci has developed a bridge project in 1503 that connects Pera to Istanbul via the Golden Horn. The project is ordered by 2. Beyazid, the dimension of the project was fussed and the bridge was not implemented. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is working to implement Vinci's Golden Horn Bridge project.
Osman Hamdi's funicular
* Kabataş - Taksim Funicular Line Project: Osman Hamdi Bey's project 1895 has offered a narrow-funicular funicular from Kabataş to Taksim with steam engine. The funicular 111 was put into service at 2006 years later.
* Ferdinand Arnodin's Cisr-i Hamidi and Ring Road Project: The first serious attempt to build a bridge to the Bosphorus came from Ferdinand Arnodin. Arnodin, the 1900'ta ring roads and bridges to draw the sultan presented. The aim of the project was to establish a rail link between Europe and Asia. The project also envisaged the regulation of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The railway that will pass through Hamidiye Bridge, which is planned to be built between Rumeli and Kandilli, was going to connect Bakırköy and Bostancı stations. The first bridge to the Bosphorus was made 73 years later.
Ottoman Canal Istanbul Osmanlı
* Haliç-Karadeniz Canal Project, which is considered as an alternative to the Bosphorus and aims to open a new strait: The idea of ​​connecting the Black Sea to the Golden Horn through the Kağıthane Stream, which was prepared in 1850s, had major industrial facilities planned to be established in Kağıthane. A part of the Bosphorus traffic would be shifted to the planned channel. Turan Sahin, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's' Crazy Project ti launched the Proje Kanalistanbul ”overlapped with this project, he said.
* Don-Volga Channel Project: Russia, 383 years after the end of Ottoman engineers determined by creating artificial lakes in places 16 miles down, 45 has constructed a kilometer-long channel.
* Layihalar Irmak Projects and GAP: Sultan 2. Southeastern Irrigation Project proposed by the statesman Hasan Fehmi Pasha of the period of Abdülhamid II found life after 100 years.

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