Nostalgic Trolley Nostalgic Line

IETT renewed the clothes of the citizens on the nostalgic tramway running on Istiklal Street. The new clothes, designed on the basis of the fashion of the 1930, carry the nostalgia of the past years.

One of the most photographed objects in the world, the clothes of the patriots who served on the nostalgic tram, which is regarded as the symbol of Istanbul, was redesigned based on the fashion of the 1930. IETT's red, white and gray logo colors are designed on the basis of the new clothes in the summer and winter were sewn from two different fabrics. New design suits consist of jackets, pants, shirts, vests, ties and shoes. The mechanics in Tünel with the citizens of IETT will meet their passengers with their new clothes every morning with their nostalgic lines reminding the old.
Dominant color red white

IETT photo archives by using the visual material used by Mimar Sinan University fashion design department teacher Piraye Demircan and the 1930'ın new clothes created on the basis of the hooded clothes of the year, red ribbons on the sides of the jacket, red strips in his arms and pockets. Buttons with the back of the jacket with IETT logo. The pants were sewn from fine wool fabric and the white color was chosen for the shirt. Added red chain as an accessory to a pocket-shaped vest. While the buttons of the vest are still with the IETT logo, the red color is felt in the tie. The shoes were originally designed in black and gray in double colors and French leather in the floor. The new designs combine the nostalgia of old homeland garments with today's fabric technology.

Tunnel 137, Tram 98 years old

Tünel 137 is one of the systems that carry the traces of the past and live witnesses in the history of public transportation in Istanbul. At the same time, the construction of Tunel, which is the brand value of IETT, started in 98, was completed in 1869 and put into service. The tunnel, which used to be steam-powered and whose wagons were wooden at first, were rendered electrified in 1875. The electric trolleys started working in 1971 for the first time after the 1871-1914 trolleys that served for 43 years. After serving for many years, they left Europe in 1914 and 1961 in the Asian side. Tram, 1966 30 year after the year with a nostalgic air at the beginning of the Istiklal Street returned. Since then, it has managed to be the center of attention of Istanbullun as well as local and foreign tourists of all ages.

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