With MyAntalya Transportation Menu Tourists will find transportation routes such as Antray and Nostalgic Tram

MyAntalya mobile app that will bring great convenience to city life was introduced.
With the MyAntalya Project in Antalya, local and foreign tourists, mobile phones and tablets will be able to find the closest need points they are looking for in the city and be aware of the events, opportunities and services. With the application, people can easily communicate with the Metropolitan Municipality.
Antalya Transportation Inc. with the support of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. and Abakus Informatics Ltd. Ltd. Şti's ”MyAntalya hay mobile application was launched. MyAntalya Project, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Introduced to the press by Mustafa Akaydın. Bülent Yıldırım, Chairman of Transportation Inc., Aslı Başkan, Coordinator of Metropolitan Municipality, Onur Berkol and Burak Gürpınar from Abaküs Information Technologies attended the press conference held at Antalya Culture Center. President Mustafa Akaydın stated that the introduction and use of new technologies is indispensable for harmonization of municipal services with world standards. U Ensuring effective and widespread use of communication technologies is a continuation of our hizmet innovative city ın strategy. Başkan
President Akaydın gave the following information about the MyAntalya Project: Büyük MyAntalya mobile platform allows you to communicate your suggestions and complaints instantly to the Metropolitan Municipality; News, events, services and projects will allow you to follow a click. Transportation routes and line numbers for Antray, nostalgic tram, city buses, public buses and other public transportation with transportation menu; also the nearest airport route, intercity bus companies' transportation information, car rental offices and taxi stops can be seen.
The location of the nearest pharmacy, hospital, bank, restaurant, fuel station (POI), address, telephone and map can be accessed by searching for the location. To reach that point, the most appropriate route can be drawn, distance and time can be learned. O
President Creative Commons License, myantalya in Turkish, English, the German and broadcast in 4 languages, including Russian, Iphone, Ipad, Android, and available for free on the Android tablet, international use of the open and in this context Turkey in one, with 645 thousand points of interest It is an information technology product.
Underlining that MyAntalya is a very important practice in terms of international promotion of Antalya, which can respond to public and private sector needs, Akaydın said, en In addition to our citizens living in Antalya, 11 million and 3 are expected to come to Antalya this year. million domestic tourists to use this system is a significant part of the target, "he said. Akaydın, the new implementation of the meeting time until the 290 foreigner said that the installation.
Aslı Başkan, Coordinator of the Metropolitan Municipality of Turkey, explained how to use the MyAntalya mobile app, its menu options and opportunities. Antalya Transportation Inc. Bulent Yildirim Chairman, MyAntalya application to tourists who set foot on the airport as soon as they open their mobile phone with an automatic message and can be downloaded to be free.
When they enter Antalya, they will be informed by automatic message, stating that the city people will be informed of the application of promotional activities.

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