MUSIAD, Domestic Aircraft and Rail System will work

Describing the second main target of MUSIAD as the need for R&D, innovation and technology development, Nail Olpak will prioritize the Science and Technology Commissions to continue with "Technology Panels". said it would be held. Explaining her third main goals as “Contributing to Sectoral Growth Strategies”, Olpak gave the following examples on this subject:
“MÜSİAD's machinery sector board will work on machines that will carry the sector to 2023, and in particular the 'production of domestic aircraft and rail systems', in line with the export target of the machinery sector 2023. It will also bring together all sectoral associations to determine the goals, transformation and needs of the industry. A similar study will be carried out by our "Agriculture and Food Sector Board". Determination of the sectoral strategies of Turkey's agriculture, raising the global standard for rural development and in order to use the existing potential of the country created by our Food and Agriculture Sector Council, "Turkey Food Council" with, will conduct this year's joint work. Our sector committees will prepare studies on important topics such as “Agriculture and Food Assembly”, “Halal Food” and “Turkish Seed”.

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