When will train to Mudanya

BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy, as soon as the Bursa high-speed train line is completed, the subway will be transported from there, from there by diesel train to Burgas, Burgaz again by a separate diesel train to Mudanya said that the train will be provided.
Fidansoy's new news is as follows:
- All the cabins in Bursa will be converted into a taxi.
- The minibuses in the Eastern region will be removed.
- The new software is being made to adjust the air conditioners of the metron, which is the subject of the most frequent complaints, according to the air temperature.
-Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard fast tram will be put.
- A high-speed tram line is ready to reach the terminal line.
-International bus services, some of the main lines will be considered to carry passengers.
-Terminal toilet will be free.

Source : I www.kentgazetesi.co

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