Ministry of Development, Üçkuyular - Konak - Alsancak - Halkapınar (Konak) Wanted to make changes to tramway projects

New developments regarding the esi Üçkuyular - Konak - Alsancak - Halkapınar (Konak) Tramway Tender yeni to be realized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality were recorded.
According to the information received from Investments Magazine; The Ministry of Development has requested changes to some parts of the 13 km long tram line projects. Officials said the projects would be submitted to the Ministry of Development approval after the necessary changes were made.
If the work is completed and the necessary approvals are obtained, a tender announcement will be made in the coming days and the companies will be asked for an offer. As it is known, the Izmir tramway line tender was approved by İzmir Regional Directorate of Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets No. 1.
Stating that the works for the procurement of 19 vehicle procurement within the scope of the project are under the same tender, the authorities said that if the procurement of vehicle procurement is not included in the tender, a separate procurement notice will be made. The project is expected to cost about 130 million dollars.

Source : Investments


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