Marmaray to open Europe's doors to China

Under the Bosphorus last a Train Road, East Gate to Turkey, Door Openers for Europe to China. Ankara and Beijing Form Unity to Play a Role in Geopolitical Balances Bir
Istanbul Strait, passing under the railway tunnel "Marmaray" in the opening ceremony of the Republic of Turkey, 90. 29 October 2013 will be held on the anniversary of the foundation. Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his visit to the project to one of the sites, white protective helmet and orange colors, a proud way of being displayed with reflective jackets, this project, "iron silk road" described above as the most important part of that. According to Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu "The awakening of history", between China and the Ottoman Empire, a history that has prevented the flow of goods and ideas impossible, it means a glorious return.
China today in a strategic sense of cooperation with Turkey, two friendly emerging powers: to change the geopolitical balance of interrupting the Eurasian continent entirely; He has plans for Beijing to reach the doorstep of Europe and Ankara to the center of Asia. Agreements signed on the occasion of high-level visits from 2009 prove this. Mentioned among these visits, the crowds ministers and business delegation to accompany Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping's last visit to Turkey in February and 7-11 April might be an example of Erdogan's visit in China. The Chinese are particularly interested in Turkey's major infrastructure projects: the modernization of the motorway network and engaged in investment in high-speed railway projects; the third Bosphorus bridge and the artificial canal projects to be constructed parallel to the Bosphorus, aim for the tenders to be opened for the construction of the nuclear power plant.

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