Machinist training full throttle

The training of mechanics who will use the vehicles in the Marmaray to be opened continues. One of the most important transport for the Marmaray project of the century in Adapazarı assembly of the cars and locomotives imported from South Korea sets made in Turkey Wagon Industry Plant. The wagons whose assembly was completed were brought to Edirne Train Station. Wagons have been tested since July of last year. The drivers working in the subways in Istanbul are brought to Edirne in groups and trained from Marmaray vehicles.
So far 5 has completed the group training. The 4 group will come to Edirne for further education. The trainings will continue until the completion of the Marmaray project. Trainers who complete their training will be subjected to the practice exam. Those who succeed here will even be on the Marmaray rail system.
TCDD 1. Barbarossa Kozaci, one of the region's chiefs, said, “We have 14 friends. These are friends who have worked as mechanics for years. As a result of this training as a result of a training test, we will have a practice exam. Friends who are successful in these exams will work as machinist in Marmaray vehicles. Bu
During the two-week training period, the mechanics told the general public about the vehicle, driving conditions and emergency driving training. After receiving, we will give other trainings in Istanbul. 29 will be held on October 2013. After that, our vehicles will be in the service of the public. Our trainings will continue until the opening period. Açılış
Marmaray, 5'li 10'lu sets of vehicles will serve the vehicle consisting of expressing, "the passenger will work according to the density. It will run every two minutes on the lowest tracks. Approximately 17 miles will be under ground. It'il be like a tunnel. The 1.3 is under the sea. Our vehicles will run on ground at about 64 kilometers. Our vehicles are comfortable, luxurious, air-conditioned, all kinds of safety-considered vehicles. Approximately 150 people will be trained. Yaklaşık

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