Domestic Tramway Silkworm

Native tram Silkworm: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's first indigenous tram produced in consultation begins its 2-mile test drive and even specially prepared. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe stated that they demonstrated the power of Bursa in technology and design with tram production and said that the foundation of the Sculpture-Garage line, which is the first main line in urban tram lines, will be laid in July.
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, organized and attended by Turkey's leading names in Istanbul Bab-i Ali was the guest of honor at the meetings. In his Bab-ı Ali Meetings, 111 of which was held at Mövempick Hotel, the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, who made a presentation about Bursa in the Process of Transition from Agriculture and Industry to Becoming a High-Tech City, especially in the distance that Bursa has made in technology and design. he emphasized. President Altepe noted that Bursa, which is a subsidiary industry center, has become an important actor in the main industry with tram production until yesterday at the meeting attended by distinguished figures from politics, economy, press and business world.
Driving tests begin
Mayor Altepe, who stated that the produced local tram has successfully passed all tests, especially the 30-year life tests, was attended by Taha Aydın, the consultant of Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe and also the local Tram Project Director. he said. Stating that a 2-kilometer track was created in Burulaş's field for the purpose of driving tests, Mayor Altepe said, “We aim to complete the test drives one month later. Following these tests, the production of the first Turkish vehicle in accordance with world standards will be completed. After the driving documents are obtained, the wagons that come out of the band will be able to participate in tenders all over the world. Metropolitan Municipality past to life with our support, including the tram, which is a piece of software engineers 15 years Turkey Turkey projection of 45 billion, while the world projection of 1.5 trillion dollars. So when you want, complicated productions can be realized. Bursa was the first time it has succeeded in Turkey. I hope we will be in a position to sell goods to the world and make serious contributions to the economy. ”
Sculpture - The first digging in the garage line is hit in July
Stating that the projects that will make Bursa a center in the region especially for the rail systems are progressing rapidly, Mayor Altepe stated that the works on the Kestel line continued after the opening of the Bursaray Görgülü and Emet lines, and that the order came to the city rail systems. Expressing that the final stage has been reached in the works on the 6-kilometer Sculpture-Garage line, which is the first main artery in the city tram lines, President Altepe stated that they aimed to hit the first dig in this line in July.
Bab-ı Ali Meetings Attorney Osman Ataman, who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Board of Directors, is also the guest of honor of the Mayor Recep Altepe 111. meeting in Istanbul to conquer the day of conquest. Ataman, who is the host and director of Bursa, the last capital of the Ottoman Empire before Istanbul, stated that they are very happy to host Istanbul on the conquest day. Ataman has reached his present position by serving in all levels of politics. he said it was important.
After the meeting, President Altepe, signed the memorial book of the Bab-ı Ali Meetings. Bab-ı Ali Meetings Attorney Osman Ataman, Chairman of the Board of Directors, presented a certificate of appreciation to Mayor Altepe.

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