The ropeway project to Kocaeli will be left to Polat

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality 29 March 2009 promised many services and projects to the people of Kocaeli as they entered the local elections.
One of these words was the word TELEPHONE. President Karaosmanoğlu `s most prominent in the election declarations of the ropeway project, although three-and-a-half years have passed since a kind of life.
However, the ropeway work that was said to be done between Sekapark and Topçular was not a jump-camel job.
I didn't need too big, too cold money. However, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality could not perform this work and could not solve the cable car business. Now Ömer Polat has taken this job.
Yes, you didn't read it wrong!
Ömer Polat decided to solve the work that Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality could not solve for three and a half years and as a consultant to the president, he started to negotiate with various companies and wander around the country for cable car.
For this, he went to many countries and made negotiations.
No results for now.
According to our sensations alone, Ömer Polat is obsessed with this cable car business. By the end of the year, when you make five or six trips abroad, you know that this cable car will solve the business.

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