Station Name of Kestel Line Was Determined

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Council, Bursaray-Kestel stage will be commissioned 7 determined the names of the new stop.
The name of Mimar Sinan-Orhangazi University was the subject of discussion in the first station after Arabayatağı. CHP Group SözcüOn the other hand, Osman Ayradilli stated that they opposed the establishment of Korupark's name on the Labor side with a very low donation. Why are you putting the name of a congregation university at the station? There will be difficulty for hundreds of thousands of people to use this place. Only the name of Sinan, the neighborhood, the name of the region would be true. Will you be paid for this ad? We have no objection to other station names. Diğer
Next to Mimar Sinan, the next station is Hacıvat, 3. station to the station in front of the industrial site Otosansit, 5. station to Değirmenönü-Cumalıkızık, 6. to the station Gursu, 7. Kestel names to the station was unanimously accepted.

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