Ibrahim Tunabay, the last mechanic of Kara Tren, is 85 years old

“Bursa's Black Train Story Mudanya-Bursa Train Exhibition” carries the adventure of the Mudanya-Bursa train, which was opened in 1892 and closed in 1948, to future generations.
18 May 2012 Friday 16: 26
“Black train story of Bursa, Mudanya-Bursa Train Exhibition” organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality carries the adventure of Mudanya-Bursa train, which was opened in 1892 and closed in 1948, to future generations. Ibrahim Tunabay, who is currently the last mechanic of Bursa Mudanya Train, attended the opening of the exhibition. A thank-you plaque was given to Tunabay.
Bursa City Museum, which has become a brand in the field of museology in Turkey, World Museum Day, organized by the Metropolitan Municipality "land train story of Bursa Mudanya-Bursa Train Exhibition" with celebrating. Bursa Mudanya Railway Project from the preparation of the laying of rails, from the commencement of trips to the closing and dismantling of the rails 56 annual adventure, historical documents and old photographs to present the exhibition, the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe attended the ceremony.
World Museum Day Bursa lived such a significant exhibition for the happiness of the open voicing Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa said that case studies carried out in Turkey in the field of museology City Museum. Stating that they are shown as an example in the field of industrial heritage with the Bursa Textile Industry Museum they opened as Metropolitan Municipality and the Energy Museum they will open soon, Mayor Altepe said, “Today we are opening a meaningful exhibition. We share the story of the Mudanya train, which was established in Bursa to improve the silk trade, with the residents of Bursa. I wish this line had never been closed. The rails are hurriedly dismantled, we do not know why they were dismantled. We hear many memories of our elders about the Mudanya train. We witnessed many memories such as the train slowing down on Bademli slope, while getting off the train and picking fruit in the orchards, going to the sea by train on the weekends. In order to keep these memories alive, we put our train on Merinos station on the historical line. Hopefully one day the train leaves Mudanya from there. We continue our efforts for this. ”
Deputy Governor Ahmet Hamdi Usta reminded that the Mudanya-Bursa train has been operating for 56 years and emphasized that it is a year-long 64 year old train longing since its closure. Wishing the end of this longing with the nostalgic line planned by the Metropolitan Municipality on the same line, Usta said, “Bursa is a city capable of hosting many tourists in this area after Istanbul with its 20 museums active. Bursa City Museum is rapidly advancing to become a brand in its field. I thank those who contributed to this exhibition. ”
Prof. Dr. Uludağ University, who is the project consultant of the exhibition. Mine Akkus, the state archives for the exhibition prepared with great care and the Ottoman archives were scanned with great care.
Bursa City Museum Coordinator Ahmet Erdönmez thanked the donors who contributed to the exhibition with the photographs of 1,5.
President Altepe gave a certificate of appreciation to the donors who contributed to the exhibition with his photographs, İbrahim Tunabay, who is 85-years old, working as a machinist on the Mudanya-Bursa train.
Later, President Altepe, who visited the exhibition with the guests, advised the exhibition. He received information from Mine Akkus about his photos and stories.
MUDANYA - BURSA TRAIN EXHIBITION 18 MAY 2012 - 31 DECEMBER 2012 is open to visitors at the Bursa City Museum.

Source: Bursa Domination

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