A few words about the metro of Izmir

Since 1989, its project, source, auction etc. 23 is an annual snake story.
The trial expedition starts in May in 2000 and normal flights in August. With its total 10 station and 11,6 kilometer, 12 has been serving the full 1 years. But what service. Just like a burnt-out survivor, the people of İzmir and only a small number of elite-educated people from Izmir benefit from this service.
Although the embarrassment of the distance taken since 2005, when the first tender for additional lines and stations was put out, is still in question; '… Ooo, we have already finished the work but we weren't telling this to you…
Generally speaking, there is no problem with the operation of the metron, but the lack of deficiencies or flaws that can cause serious consequences in the background should not be overlooked. The primary problem is; Felaket MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR lar The condition of the lines is a complete disaster. The first symptoms started to be seen in the section between Hilal and Basmane about two years ago. Then, as with any correction, almost all of the overhead lines, this situation has expanded by spreading. For that reason, the trains are cruising to the right-left side while cruising.
In the Paris Metro, one of the world's oldest metro systems, you can easily sip your coffee while on the move. Well, would you like to try this in the Izmir Metro? Coffee is not possible but perhaps you can consume solid food. If you can bring your mouth to the food Eğer
It is almost impossible for a passenger to stand on the un leaning against the inner wall Ay. You are heavily assaulted by the wall. The issue is not the lack of comfort, but the lack of health of SEYİR SAFETY.
This amount may also indicate a serious deformation disorder on the RAILs as a cause of wobble. Depending on the inter-station density, the top speed can reach 60-80 kilometers. Like Halkapınar station, there are even collapses on the soft ground with filling material. If even passengers using the train are able to observe this, you should be aware of the gravity and negligence of the measurement values. When the train is stopped at this station, the train has to be zero between the platform and the train floor, while the train is approximately 7-8 inches. I don't know if this measure based on observation is within the permissible limits, but it is observed by everyone that it has sufficiently removed ENGEL from our disabled citizens.
There are also serious concerns that line maintenance is not done adequately, and even if so, technically permissible tolerances remain. This is very important in the care of trains moving trains. As the system gets obsolete and the stress brought by the new lines and systems added to the system, the emergence of the failures increases.
With one-day METRO's income, one of the METRO-İZBAN stations could have a WALKING STAIRS, which should be done without delay, un said Metin Erkal, an old friend of Izmir ..
Metin Bey has long been trying to make these suggestions through social media. But he never listened to what he wrote. I moved my friend Metin Bey's words to the corner in the context of İzmir Metro and I wanted to be effective and warn the authorities about it! ..

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