The Test of the Metrobus of the People of Istanbul

Metrobus, which is the easiest way to go from place to place with the metro in Istanbul, is gradually turning into an ordeal for the citizens…
Yesterday there was a big action at the Şirinevler / Ataköy metrobus stop. Nearly 100-150 people at the stop at least 10 metrobus empty pass from the station without pass passengers Istanbulluları almost crazy. Citizens who did not allow the passage of the metrobus for a while.
Metrobus, which was put into practice before 2009 local elections and is the easiest way to reach somewhere in Istanbul, has now begun to turn into a torture for Istanbulites.
Contrary to advertisements, it is very difficult to get on the Metrobus where people travel on each other. Especially if you're at work time, the journey of metrobus turns into complete torture. Because this time, as well as the clicked ride to ride the metrobüse even requires a dexterity.
Yesterday evening at the Şirinevler / Ataköy metrobüs station, a fight broke out between the passengers and the metrobus shoemakers.
At least 100-150 was waiting at the stop, and the 10 metrobus passed hollowly and the passengers didn't take it.
Aside from stopping the metrobuses, the two metrobus that were standing were obliterated and the fact that people could not be built increased the nerve coefficients of the people waiting at the station.
In this way, the crowd, who waited for about 8-10 minutes and was angry about the empty metrobus, finally cut the metrobus road. The fact that the Metrobus drivers also responded to passengers by saying “Why are you idle and you do not stop?” By hand gestures increased the tension.
Finally, passengers who went down the bus, did not allow the passage of the metrobus. In the meantime, a long BRT on the way to the Metrobus occurred.
At the end, two metrobus, which were stopped and were not allowed to pass, opened the doors, and the passengers waiting for the 10-15 minutes could get into the metrobus.

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