İÇTAŞ Astaldi, Winning the Tender, Will Complete the Third Bridge in 3 Years

Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge
Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

📩 09/06/2021 04:54

İÇTAŞ Astaldi OGG, of which famous businessman İbrahim Çeçen is a partner, won the tender. Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, announced the winner of the Northern Marmara Motorway tender.
28 companies from 11 companies received files to participate in the project. 4 companies submitted bids for the tender. Since MAPA construction was not considered sufficient, it was excluded from the evaluation. Salini - Gülermak's offer was not found suitable. The tender was won by İçtaş - Astaldi partnership. There will also be a railway crossing on the bridge.

The bid of the winning company has been 10 years 2 months and 20 days…

Binali Yıldırım made the following statements regarding the tender process: Tender has started. During this time, there was a great deal of interest. We received the request to participate in the project by obtaining a specification until April 20, 2012, at 9.30 am. The tender commission has been convened.

28 company from 11 company received project file to participate in the project. 4 firm bid in bid. Mapa Construction is not considered enough to be out of the process. The two bids went to the final stage.
The bids of the İçdaş-Astaldi, Cengiz Limak Kolin Kalyon consortium have just been opened by the tender commission. Here are the offers. The basis of this tender is as follows. With the build-operate-transfer model, the contractor or the tenderer who offers the shortest time, including the construction period, will win the tender. The deadlines for the last 2 offers are as follows; İçtaş Astaldi partnership gave 10 years 2 months 20 days, Cengiz Limak Kolin Kalyon 14 years 2 months 19 days. According to this situation, İçtaş Astaldi was the offer that gave the most appropriate shortest time.


The minister stated that the construction of the third bridge will be completed in 10 years of the Northern Marmara Motorway Tender, which is determined as 3 years. Minister Yıldırım said that they hope that the construction will start as soon as possible and the bridge and highway will be put into service in 2015.

The total construction cost of the project is around 4.5 billion TL. However, Minister Yildirim, this figure may increase or decrease, he said.


North Marmara Motorway Project, a partner in the joint venture group İÇTAŞ winning, in fact, one of Turkey's oldest construction giant. Undertaking many giant projects under the management of İbrahim Çeçen, the construction of İÇTAŞ, especially the second international terminal of Antalya Airport, the second runway and additional apron, the construction of a new domestic terminal to Antalya Airport, the international terminal to Adnan Menderes Airport. It is remarkable that it has completed projects such as the construction of the airport CIP building in Baku.

But the only activity of the group is not airport constructions.

The group, which carried out demining operations in Kuwait in 1993, also signed many giant projects in the international arena. İÇTAŞ, which won the road and junction tenders for İzmir in 1998 and 1999 and completed the work, started the construction of the 2006st and 2nd parts of the 1nd stage of the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​​​Train Project of TCDD in 2. Continuing the construction of Varna&Burgas Airport, İÇTAŞ, in 2011, St. Started the construction of Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg. İÇTAŞ also undersigned many hydroelectric and housing projects.

Here are the projects signed by İÇTAŞ:

  • Pulkovo Airport St. Petersburg (2011) continues.
  • International Victory Regional Airport Afyon-Kütahya-Uşak (2011) continues.
  • Ordu-Giresun Airport Ordu-Giresun (2011) continues.
  • TCDD Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project 2. Stage Cutting 1 Ankara-Istanbul (2006) continues.
  • TCDD Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project 2. Stage Cutting 2 Ankara-Istanbul (2006) continues.
  • Bomonti International Tourism and Congress Center Istanbul (2011) continues.
  • Varna & Burgas Airports Varna & Burgas (2011) ongoing.
  • Tower of Flame Baku (2008) continues.
  • Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center Baku (2012) completed.
  • Bağıştaş HEPP Project Erzincan (2011) continues.
  • Niksar HEPP Project Tokat (2009) continues.
  • Bilgeh Villas Project Second Phase Abseron (2010) is completed.
  • Şahdağ Tourism Complex Project First Phase Qusar (2009) continues.
  • Premium Villas Project Baku (2008) is completed.
  • Airport CIP Building Baku (2011) is completed.
  • Academy Hotel Project Baku (2011) is completed.
  • Çileklitepe HEPP Project Giresun (2011) continues.
  • Kemhangayır HEPP Project Trabzon (2010) continues.
  • Üçhanlar HEPP Project Trabzon (2010) continues.
  • Üçharmanlar HEPP Project Trabzon 2010 Continues.
  • Ağrı - Yazıcı Plain Irrigation Project Ağrı (1998) continues.
  • Kumköy HEPP Project Samsun (2011) is completed.
  • Damlapınar HEPP Project Karaman (2010) was completed.
  • Kepezkaya HEPP Project Karaman (2010) was completed.
  • İzmir - Çeşme Marina İzmir (2010) was completed.
  • Antalya Airport New Domestic Terminal Terminal (2010) was completed.
  • Bilgeh Villas Project First Phase Abseron (2009) was completed.
  • Smart Project Ankara (2009) is completed.
  • Coastal Houses Project Baku (2008) is completed.
  • Karasu Port Sakarya (2007) is completed.
  • Ahlat Ovakışla Irrigation Project Bitlis (2007) is completed.
  • IC Hotels Residence Antalya (2007) is completed.
  • Çeşme - Ilıca Thermal Hotel İzmir (2007) was completed.
  • Buca Maternity and Child Care Center (2006) completed.
  • Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal Izmir (2006) was completed.
  • Erbil - Central Medical Laboratory Erbil (2006) was completed.
  • Gulluk Port Bodrum (2006) is completed.
  • Yaylak Plain Irrigation Project Sanliurfa (2006) was completed.
  • Antalya Airport II. Runway and Extra Apron Antalya (2005) completed.
  • Antalya Airport II. International Terminal Antalya (2005) has been completed.
  • IC Hotels Green Palace Antalya (2003) is completed.
  • IC Hotels Airport Antalya (2002) is completed.
  • Mobile Power Plant Isparta (2001) is completed.
  • Erzincan Girlevik II - Mercan HEPP Erzincan (2000) was completed.
  • Istanbul - Halkalı III. Etap Mass Housing Istanbul (2000) was completed.
  • Izmir Justice Palace Izmir (2000) is completed.
  • Bayraklı Köprülü Intersection and Connection Road İzmir (1999) was completed.
  • Balçova Interchange Arrangement İzmir (1998) is completed.
  • IC Hotels Santai Antalya (1995) is completed.
  • Ankara - Eryaman Phase III Mass Housing Infrastructure and Landscaping Ankara (1995) was completed.
  • Ankara - Eryaman 1993nd Stage Mass Housing Infrastructure and Landscaping Ankara (XNUMX) has been completed.
  • Mine Cleaning Kuwait (1993) completed.

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