On the high-speed train

It was a great adventure for me to go between Ankara and Konya by high speed train.
Thanks to TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, who is regarded as the head of the railroaders' family, he made a torpedo to the War Captain and allowed me to travel in VIP and occasionally allowed me to enter the cockpit where the mechanics were located. I will not overwhelm you with complicated information such as technical information, number wastage, commercial formation, number of passengers. On the contrary, I will only share the projections in my mind of a high-speed, comfortable and high-level safe train journey that is worthy of the space age. Previously Eskişehir-
I wrote the Ankara high speed train, amenna. However, the Konya line is not only fast but 'high speed'. Think about what it means to average an average speed of 250 kilometers per hour. It is almost equal to the speed the planes reach to take off from the runway.
Looking at your notes
I've taken notes all along the way:
My first impression is to feel as if you were riding a Cruse ship or a Jumbo Jet plane, not a train.
An immaculate, sparkling environment. The toilets are the most important indicator of the job, they are modern and clean like our homes. We hear from the internal announcement system. He says 'Our journey will take 1 hour and 50 minutes' and we arrive in Konya without a millimeter deviation.
If I keep telling the inside of the train; the seats are extraordinarily comfortable. Even the largest massacre can be established to sit even with pleasure. As soon as they get up, the young service staff tour the wagons with their mobile counters and offer snacks and drinks. Then again, our young beautiful girls are giving headphones to all passengers. Because it is possible to watch 2 movies or listen to music from various channels on the monitors mounted in the back of the seat in front of you.
There is a modest bar in the middle of the train. Sit there on bar stools and sip your drink sohbetset up your lair.
Machinist sadness
The crashing of birds on the rails where the machinists are most upset.
Inevitably, there are many pigeons, partridges, field birds, meadow nightingales, kestrel kelp on the way. "Those who are under the locomotive do not see eye to eye, but our hearts endure a little, but when blood splatters on the glass, we get very, very sorry," says a young mechanic. I'm asking - Isn't there any way to prevent this?
- It was much more during the trial runs. We informed our general directorate about the situation. They wrote to some western countries and Japan using high-speed trains and asked for a remedy.
- What's the answer?
- There was a very interesting answer, brother…
- What is it?
- Don't worry, the birds will soon understand the situation and protect themselves.
- Wow! ..
- Exactly, brother. Bird-brained, we take it lightly, but the birds really understood the situation after a while, and the watchers, who saw the train 5 kilometers away, immediately lowered and chirped to the bird group.
- What do we keep hitting for 24 hours?
- They are the few birds that fly apart from their clusters, with no scouts.
- Do you ever hit cattle? Wild boar, from the type of cattle ...
- They cannot enter the line because we have very strong fences along the way. In addition, our road patrol teams make a 24-hour ring for route security. The important thing is that there is no herd transition. Joke
they do
At one point they smiled and said:
- Only oxen complain about us, Savaş.
- Allah, what is that God?
- It used to be called 'ox looking like a train', when we pass so fast, they can't find anything to look at. Ha ha haa ...
A tiny little coysite moves the big train, controls it, but without the machinists' experience, alertness, that super-technology is useless.
If people who buy combined tickets travel by train all morning and evening, this journey comes to 1-2 pounds per journey.

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