Hayas Avci, General Manager of TULOMSAS

Hayri Avci, General Manager of TULOMSAS, opened a discussion in the past days, 'Does the tram in Eskisehir, can not be done?' put an end to the debate. Avcı underlined that TÜLOMSAŞ is a great economic value and said: oy Can I go and ask Turkish Loydu, can I make a tram or can't I? They should answer. Onlar
Hayri Avci, General Manager of TULOMSAS, clarified the issue of trams discussed frequently in recent days. Hunter, TÜLOMSAŞ not only of Eskisehir, drawing criticism of the fact that Turkey is one of the greatest economic value was invited to be fair and equitable. Avci stated that they had found the evaluations in the form of s TÜLOMSAŞ cannot produce the tram un before they received an official request on the production of the trams. The tram rack product that I 3 a million dollar product manufactured and exhibited. A tram is manufactured at least 24 per month. When you have a refrigerator in your house, the second, third refrigerator is taken? Is there such a logic? How does anyone decide if I can produce what I'm without, without asking me? How can it be decided so easily about TÜLOMSAŞ? T.
Mr. Avcı stated that after the discussions, he did not find the right to ask the questions about whether he could produce the tram or not ığ It is not correct to decide whether we can make production or not even if we do not offer for production. Those who do not take our opinion cannot even imagine our production models. Bizim Avcı said that it is right to move with scientific data before such discussions.
Criticism is welcome
Mr. Avci also gave information about the works of TÜLOMSAŞ and stated that TÜLOMSAŞ is a value of Eskişehir and that they are open to any kind of criticism. Avcı TÜLOMSAŞ is a value of this city. This is like the child of Eskişehir people. Love will be, love also. We are evaluating all these criticisms. However, it should not be forgotten that while criticism is being done, being fair and being human. Trying to pull down TÜLOMSAŞ, to underestimate it is to harm Eskisehir. AŞ
Import of imported wagon stopped
General Manager Hayri Avci, said he stopped that and now thanks TULOMSAS TÜLOMSAŞ cars produced each year stating 35 euros remain in the country of purchase second-hand cars from Europe to Turkey. Hunter, received special orders abroad and General Electrıcs (GE), especially the production of many large companies reminded me.
From production to product
Avci, TÜLOMSAŞ rail system test center, rail systems, especially the support of many projects, he said. Avcı also underlined the fact that they adopt the understanding of manufacturing to the product, not from the import to the assembly, and ended his words by saying ı everyone is producing money while we earn money Avcı.

Source : I www.eskisehirgundem.co

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