Haydarpaşa's sale is made easy!

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications prepared by the Ministry "Turkey Rail Liberalization About Draft Law of Transport" s rail service to commercialization, outsourcing mania pave the way, leading noted that remove barriers to the sale of real estate, including Haydarpaşa. It was pointed out that with the implementation of the draft, there would be ında chaos ında on the railways and accidents would increase.
The United Transport Workers Union (BTS), which requested the immediate withdrawal of the draft law, prepared an opinion on the regulation. BTS's views on the draft are as follows:
• The most important objective is to commercialize rail service from being a public service. This is the result of the permanent commodification of the right of transportation, which is considered among the fundamental rights of humanity, and the benefit of the beneficiary of this service.
• Second target; liquidation of public space and privatization. The draft clearly shows that in a very short period the railway system will face a strong wave of privatization. The sine qua non of the neoliberal understanding will pave the way for subcontracting, that is, the use of cheap and precarious labor.
• In the draft “Those who are obliged to carry out the appraisal and appraisal of the immovable properties to be registered in the proofread shall be excreted and sanctioned without being subject to the restriction regarding the implementation of the Law on the Development of Cultural and Natural Assets numbered 3194 and the Law on Conservation of Cultural and Natural Properties No. 2863 başta. it will also serve the purpose of removing barriers.
• In the draft, it was stated that hizmet Widespread service procurement can be made ve and a time limit of 3-5 years was introduced. In the current practice, agreements for service procurement are made for a period of one year. With this article put into the draft, subcontracting is foreseen to be expanded both in TCDD and TURKTREN AŞ which is foreseen to be established.
• In the shadow of the EU harmonization process, it is seen that there is no result and purpose other than the privatization of the railway system as a whole, making this area open to total demand and creating new cadres for political cadres.

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