Hatay Logistics Village

iskenderun logistics bay
iskenderun logistics bay

Hatay Logistics Village: 'Iskenderun-Antakya Logistics Village and Center Studies' on the meeting, Hatay Governor M. Celalettin Lekesiz Governor Abdurrahman Melek Meeting Hall was reported to be held. Sami Kabaş, Consultant of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Deputy Governor Orhan Mardinli, General Secretary of Special Provincial Administration Muhittin Şahin, Governor of İskenderun Ali İhsan Su, DOĞAKA General Secretary Erdoğan Serdengeçti, relevant managers, businessmen and sector representatives attended the meeting, 'İskenderun-Antakya Logistics Village and Center of Studies' laid down on the table with every aspect.

At the meeting held with the presentation of Atilla Yıldıztekin, Logistics Management Consultant, in the statement made by Hatay Governorship Website. In our province, the idea of ​​establishing a logistics center was evaluated and the exchange of ideas was discussed with the experts of the subject and it was stated that the establishment of the İskenderun-based Logistics Village was discussed in our province and in our country.


Hatay Governor M. Celalettin Lekesiz, who made an assessment at the end of the meeting, said that it is gratifying that logistics villages will be provided to Hatay as a Logistics Village by drawing attention to the fact that there are countless benefits ranging from relieving city traffic, reducing transportation costs, contributing to the development of the country and providing economic contributions to the region.

Governor Lekesiz, the 2.5 about the issue started about the year before, recalling that various meetings are organized, Minister of Justice, Sadullah Ergin, under the presidency of the province in the future of the 300 said that an assessment was attended by people.

It was decided that the logistic village was a very accurate study for our province and that Master Plan works were done immediately. Li Within the scope of Master Plan, 4 place was proposed to be the logistics village in İskenderun region. Two logistics centers were proposed in Osmaniye and this side of the mountain.
We shared the issue about the places recommended to be Logistics Village with the presentation of Mr. Atilla Yıldıztekin and we exchanged ideas. The experts from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications have also been with us. All of these issues we talked about today are extremely important steps for the future of our city. Our work will continue with speed and meticulousness. I think the meeting is a very useful meeting for our province, I thank everyone who contributed. Top
Logistic Stating that the villages have been established in important production centers, Governor Lekesiz said, ın Logistics Village is an area where all the activities related to the distribution of national and international transportation, logistics and goods will be carried out by various operators.

In general, logistical villages are built on large and important production centers, cities, railways, road lines and, if possible, ports, but at points that do not directly affect city traffic.
Logistics Village, logistics and transportation companies related to the transport business, including the formal work related to all kinds of activities can be carried out. Services such as storage, maintenance, repair, loading, unloading, weighing, splitting loads, joining and packing, and each activity here creates a new business and employment. Depolama

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