DLH detonated the last bomb!

At the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) meeting on the construction of the "Erzincan-Gümüşhane-Tirebolu-Trabzon" railway, held on May 14, 2012, at the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and attended by many official institutions, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communication, Infrastructure Investments General Directorate (DLH) official Seval Biltekin said, "If a new port is not built in Tirebolu, the construction of the Gümüşhane -Tirebolu railway route has no mentality."
Seval Biltekin made his statement as follows:
Âh According to the Avan Project we prepared, we have determined the 3 route for Erzincan-Tirebolu-Trabzon Railway. Our main route is the Erzincan-Gümüşhane-Trabzon line passing through Zigana. Our alternative routes are Gümüşhane-Tirebolu and Bayburt-Araklı- Trabzon line.
At the point where the railways reach the Black Sea, it must be a port for the transfer of cargo. Because these ports will have doors to Africa and Asia to the Black Sea countries. However, the port in Tirebolu is an insufficient port that can only meet the 10 / 100 of the load capacity of the railway transport to be made according to the technical evaluations. If the largest port of the Black Sea can not be made to Tirebolu, there will be no rationale for the railway to come to Tirebolu. For this reason, we terminated the Tirebolu line near the sea. According to the position of a new port to be made, this line will be connected to the new port. At the moment, there has been no instruction from the government regarding the construction of a new port for Tirholu. If a new port can not be built in Tirebolu, then the Tirebolu railway line cannot be built and other routes may be raised Tir
After the statements of Sevil Biltekin, Giresun Federation of Civil Society Associations (GUSFED), Railway Commission President M. Çınar Çetinkaya said:
'From the moment we came to the tender, we knew that this route would reach Trabzon from Gümüşhane by arriving at Tirebolu after the project was launched. However, in this line with our intensive initiatives, you added Gümüşhane-Tirebolu fork. We already knew that the railway had to be a large port on the beach and that the existing Tirebolu Fisherman's Shelter would not be enough for the railway capacity. In addition, 1. We also knew that it would be difficult to provide the existing port contact with the railway.
Now, in the project set out, you are putting forward the port requirement for the Gümüşhane-Tirebolu railway route. We knew this very well beforehand.
In order to prevent the realization of the Tirebolu railway project, the mentees must know that we are close followers of this issue.
Our request from the state and government as Giresunli are:
Gumushane-Tirebolu line, which has completed the projects, must be made without any precondition and this line should be connected to Giresun port which is idle. In the meantime, we will make intensive attempts to make a new port in Tirebolu. All Tirebolu and Giresun NGOs and Institutions await support for this demand. Tir
Later, the Deputy Mayor of Trabzon Municipality
He said that.
“We are ready for Trabzon. We will establish a very large logistics center in Araklı. Ar
Giresun Deputy Mayor Kazım Elmalı, Tirebolu Mayor Burhan Takır and Municipality of Tirebolu Department of Science Affairs Director Murat Canikli talked about their thoughts.
. We do not accept any excuse not to build the railway that is designed to arrive in Tirebolu. There is no port in Tirebolu. The line should be connected to Giresun Hat
On this response of the Tireboluli, the General Director of Environmental Impact Assessment, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, spoke as follows.
U The main purpose of this meeting is related to the EIA report. You can make your route identification requests to the relevant institutions of the state. Güz
After the announcement of the General Director of Trabzon, the Mayor of Tirebolu Burhan Takır gave his comments and requests in writing to the chairman of the meeting.
Then, the opinions of the relevant institutions were asked and all other institutions except TEIAS declared that there was no drawback by their own institutions in the implementation of the project.
The TEİAŞ official said that the substations located on the road to the village of Tirebolu Avcılı had been processed as a project and the railway station of Tirebolu and therefore they had reservations.
The meeting was terminated and all sectors except the ones in Tirebolu and Giresun were satisfied with the meeting.
The officials of the institution attended the EIA meeting.
Director General of Environmental Impact Assessment and Gn Md.
MGS Consultancy company preparing EIA report
Yuksel Domanic Company preparing railway survey and feasibility projects
Project owner DLH
DSİ, BOTAŞ, TEİAŞ, TPAO, DDY, DHMİ General Directorates
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
National defense Department
culture and Tourism Ministry
Ministry of Science and Industry Technology
general Directorate of Highways
General Directorate of Forestry Enterprises
General Directorate of Mining Affairs
Trabzon, Giresun, Gümüşhane Erzincan Deputy Mayors
Tirebolu Mayor
Giresun Federation of Civil Society Associations (GIRFED)
Although they were invited to the meeting, the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency, and Special Provincial Administration did not attend from Giresun.
M.Çınar Çetinkaya made a statement after the meeting.
Until recently, only the official persons who mentioned the route of Erzincan-Gümüşhane -Trabzon and Gümüşhane -Tirebolu have taken the alternative Bayburt-Araklı route. So they say:
De If the alternative Tirebolu line to Trabzon, which is the main route, cannot be made due to the port, we can return to Arakli line “
The 25 mentality, which does not open the Tirebolu-Torul highway, has now taken Tirebolu from this project and carried Araklı, which is an alternative route, to the agenda. They are already talking about the construction of a large railway logistics base center in Araklıya. Every investment in our region makes us very satisfied. Araklı or this line should be done, Tirebolu'ya.
However, they should not attempt to fold behind Tirebolu behind closed doors. As Giresunlular we are more sensitive and we must be very close followers of this work and to connect the line from Gumushane to Giresun port and to make a new port in Tirebolu we should work hard on politicians. I am also condemning the fact that Giresun, who was not invited to this meeting, is very important for Giresun. In addition, as Tireboluli, we expect the Governor to divulge the Tirebolu Fisherman's Shelter for what purpose and to say clearly what he wants to do.

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