Work Again on the Railroad

BTS General Secretary Nazım KARAKURT said: kanı This year, the railroad's blood continues to flow on the railways. Only railroad trains over 20 were injured in accidents this year. 4 railroaders lost their lives in occupational accidents
2 January 2012 Hero Maras, Aziz SENSOY,
15 January 2012 Ankara-Erkan CIMEN,
24 January 2012 Sivas-Yalinkaya Adem DOGAN, Research Assistant
After these three deaths in January, Ibrahim TOZLUK, the employee of the high-speed train line maintenance company, was wounded between the conventional and high-speed train lines in Eskisehir-Hasanbey area in 9 waters at 23.00 May night and lost his life on the road. First of all, we wish condolences to the deceased family and relatives.
Every day we wake up with the news of workers who have lost their lives as a result of an occupational accident from different workplaces and branches. News such as the burning of 11 workers in Esenyurt tent construction site tent and the drowning of 5 TEDAŞ employee in Erzurum dam pond have become a part of daily life. We see that these deaths, which are not work accidents, but work killings, are seen as “fate tarafından by the political power and its bureaucrats and called“ fate ardından after each murder, and we witness the attempts to legitimize these work murders with spirituality. Prime Minister's death for the miners "death is in the fate of this job," the Minister of Labor, the disaster in Esenyurt, ".. accident, but not fate," and instead of the dam in the dam pond of the Minister of Interior to go to a citizen who came to a request to "somersault" work and his playing with the drum zurna reveals the government's approach to this process.
There is a similar process in our business line and railways regarding the business murders that have turned the whole country into a bloodbath. Train accidents and job killings have become the fate of the world's safest mode of transport, railways. The gang of deaths and accidents was inconsistent. Existing railway and railroad safety has been eliminated. Road accidents, such as traffic accidents, as well as train accidents, as well as the work accidents began to ceiling.
These facts, which we have expressed for years, have finally started to take place in the reports about the restructuring works that led to the beginning of such a process on the railways. The most recent EU Finance "Technical Assistance for the reform of railways in Turkey" prepared under the "gap report" draft: current business practices in general does not meet safety standards to be included in a modern railway and the analysis made in relation to the current situation in TCDD conventional rail system, technical safety systems are not available in a large part of the network.
This determination also reveals the responsibility of train accidents and work murders to date. Rail management is also a confession.
The fact that the recent work murders are concentrated on the workers who serve as precarious in the railways also gives clues about what will happen in the near future as well as the responsibility of those who envisage demiryolu railway without rail uyla and those who implement it.
It is the railway management, especially the government and 10, which has been managing the railways for years but instead of taking the necessary precautions despite the deaths, it invites to accidents and deaths with restructuring practices. Timeouts can save them from being punished. But the public will never escape being sentenced in conscience.
Other trade unions and associations that are organized on the railways and do not make any noise in the face of these deaths are as responsible as the railway management.
As a result, these deaths are not accidents but job killings. Those responsible for these murders are those who declare them as destiny. We urge the government and the Ministry of Transport and TCDD administration to stop these murders in order to stop these murders, liquidation and subcontracting practices under the name of restructuring.
Enough says, we invite the railroad to become a way of death.

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