Companies will be able to operate on national railway infrastructure network

According to the draft prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications; companies will be able to operate on the national railway infrastructure network. TCDD will be responsible for renewing, expanding, maintaining and repairing the railway infrastructure. Rail transport company as the name of the General Directorate of rail services will be established to serve as TÜRKTREN AŞ.
The government is opening its railways to companies. Prepared by the Ministry of Maritime Transport and Communications, "Turkey About Draft Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport" according to the summary, targeted regulations as follows:
* Within the 6 month after the enactment of the law, TÜRKTREN AŞ will be established to carry out freight and passenger transportation services and their complementary services according to the commercial principles on the railway infrastructure. Within one year, the personnel carrying out the services related to the TCDD's drawer, cargo and passenger transportation and the other personnel needed and the vehicles used in these services, and any other vehicles, devices and devices related thereto, shall be free of charge with their rights, receivables, liabilities and liabilities. the ongoing cases will be transferred to TURKTREN AŞ together with the relevant ones.
For the 5 year, TURKTREN AŞ will be financed by the Treasury for the financing of its investments in the investment programs, the financing deficits in the operating budget, the actual financing gap and the projected budget.
* Public legal entities and companies to build their own railway infrastructure; to be a railway infrastructure operator on railway infrastructure belonging to them and / or other companies; the railway railway operator in the national railway infrastructure network.
* TCDD will be assigned as a railway infrastructure operator on the transfer of the state-owned railway infrastructure within the national railway infrastructure network. It will improve, renew, repair and repair the railway infrastructure. High speed rail transport will make the railway infrastructure.
He'il arrange the traffic. It will operate, operate and operate non-monopoly areas of railway, station, logistic and freight centers and similar roads.

Source: Real Agenda

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  1. It is aimed to increase the quality of the railroad (year and year) transportations between the cities and create a wage competition. and freight passenger insurance should be owned by the company. tcdd should receive consultancy service from its expert who will determine and approve the transportation prices? Since the 3 subsidiaries will leave the institution, the institution (tcdd) does not hurt.