China's Railway construction investment has dropped in the last four months

In the first four months of the year, the China Railway Ministry decreased its total fixed asset investments in railroad construction to China at the level of RMB 48 billion ($ 89,6 billion), down 14,17% compared to the previous year, while investments in the rail infrastructure decreased by 54%. He announced that he was at the level of RMB 71,7 billion ($ 11,34 billion). As of 2015, the active railway length is expected to reach 120.000 km in China.
However, the Ministry of Railway stated that it received a total of RMB 17 billion ($ 20 billion) from banks in the period from May to May 3,16, after years of rapid growth, a train that caused 2011 casualties and 40 injuries in July 172. construction and investments for railways in China slowed down after the accident.

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