Turkey tram covered with advertisements in Brussels,

Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul Gunay, Turkey tram was not fully covered with ads in Brussels.
Brussels Palace of Justice in front of drawn tram, Brussels regional government Transport Minister Brigita Grouwels and Turkey's Ambassador in Brussels İsmail Hakkı Musa accompanied by examining the Minister Gunay, usually of Turkey in this city where the air is off the coast, and adorned vehicles with photos of Istanbul "very attractive "he stopped."
Günay, who took a lot of photos in front of the tram with his companions, also sat in his seat in a seat and posed.
When Günay realized that the 32-year-old vatman Mustafa Sarı, who had been photographed together, was Turkish, he warned, "Why don't you speak?"
Answering the questions of the press members after the examinations, Günay said, “These trams have been traveling to Brussels since 3 months. The tram ride is all of this important event in Brussels, covering all the beauties of Turkey. We are doing similar works in other cities of Europe. On the one hand in magazines and other media outlets to ensure that Turkey's recognition, on the other hand we are trying to reach everyone with this kind of visual "he said.
Accelerating or slowing down, political preference
Ertuğrul Günay, upon the question of the May 9th Europe Day message, said, “Political preferences determine the acceleration or slowdown of negotiations rather than social reality. We have experienced such a process with Europe, but I think I can say that such a hope has increased in a new period, after the French elections in a new period. We will catch a period when these relations will accelerate. Turkey has a young population and a significant Turkish entrepreneurs all over the world. level of education in Turkey is rising steadily. I think this whole process will add momentum to Europe instead of creating an obstacle ”.
We will free and promote art
While answering a question about the government's art policy, Günay said, “Our support for art is highly understood if you look at the resources we have devoted to art and physical infrastructure in recent years, but there is an approach that we have criticized for a long time. Performing art as a civil servant has mutual difficulties for both the artist and the state. We are working on a new model, but no model has been finalized yet. Mr. Prime Minister (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) said that we are trying to create a model within the framework of freedom, autonomy and feature concepts. I said that we are in search of a model that will liberate art more but make art more widespread. But it's not a very easy model. We follow the practices in Europe. Turkey has a tradition, we are looking for a model that will take us back to tradition. In this context, I think we will mature the issue in the next few ministerial councils. ”

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