President Gokcek insists on the cable car to Ankara!

Despite its criticism of public transport, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to insist on the cable car.
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek decided to use the araç ropeway system m, which was first brought to the agenda for sıkış tourism mak in 2008, as a çek public transportation vehicle UM in order to ease the traffic of the city as a result of the increasing number of vehicles in the capital mass transportation.

Gokcek, who announced in the past three months that they will implement the, ropeway olağan, which is considered as an alternative and effective means of transportation in the capital where public transportation is provided by metro and bus, has been held in the previous evening. e scored with the presidential letter.

EGO will operate

It is thought that the population density in Ankara is increasing day by day and the problems related to public transportation and traffic are experienced and the transportation between ın Sites-Doğantepe and Etlik (Hospitals) - Akköprü-Gar- Sıhhiye is thought to be done by ropeway. I The statements were given. It was decided to authorize the General Directorate of EGO to establish, operate and operate the ropeway system for the routes.

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