Minister Yıldırım: Ankara-Izmir said we started the High Speed ​​Train Work

Minister Yıldırım, Ankara - Izmir said they started working for high-speed trains, "Turkey is not the only way in the last 10 years, not in shipping may not be communicating not in aviation proceeding with running steps in all areas of life has come to today. "The airline will be the way of the people," said the prime minister. 'Everyone will get on the plane,' he said. We set out on the head. We increased the air transportation we received from 8 million to 118 million. The air way is the way of the people. Turkey's 50-year dream of high-speed train
was the Ak Parti. First Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Konya high-speed train was activated. Ankara-Istanbul is next. Then give your hand Ankara- Sivas and then Ankara- Izmir we also made its tender. We started his work, ”he said.

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