Arkas will take you to Anatolia by train to Anatolia

Lucien Arkas stated that the connection of the Anatolian cities to the ports would encourage the production on site and added that ini When Marmaray is completed, the freight traffic between Europe and Asia will increase rapidly. The terminal that we will partner with Schenker, the German state railway company in İzmit-Kartepe, will be a kind of land port for trains coming from Europe. İzmit
Turkey's largest container fleet with Arkas boss Lucien Arkas Izmir in Izmir, unlike many who insist origin of the businessman. Without leaving İzmir, 2 has created a giant holding company 55, which has a billion dollars turnover. 15 started to be built in the Mediterranean and Black Sea years ago. In these geographies, 15 has opened an office in the country, while it has become a shipper with regular line services. In recent years, we have begun to hear your name with art investments. Lucien Arkas, who had collected more than a thousand paintings by Turkish painters and Western painters, kept them in the museum he set up under his house and in his garden.
Arkas Holding restored the French building of the French Consulate, where the French Government has allocated a portion of it for use in cultural and artistic activities, and opened it as the sanat Arkas Art Center Ark. The works now come out of the house and meet with art lovers in the exhibitions that are held here.
Lucien Arkas is fond of painting, but yapma I don't have the ability to paint, Luc he says. I My father-in-law painted. My daughter, Claire, caught her, jealous of Claire, and look at these stoneware paintings. Ona Claire Arkas, the daughter of Lucien Arkas, came in from Izmir to the opening of her exhibition at the EkavArt Gallery of the EKAV Foundation's gallery at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. So I took the opportunity to interview the father and daughter. (The exhibition called 'Life Archive' can be visited until May 24.)
Girls from Izmir are confident
“Why did you insist on Izmir?” Lucien told Arkas. I asked. What started with the saying "People of Izmir origin already rule Istanbul" sohbetOur company reached out to the girls of İzmir. Arkas says, “Izmirians raise their daughters confidently, which is reflected in all their stances”. Two of her children work in the company, while Claire, who was educated in France, chose art. Stating that she cannot understand the difficulty of women in managing men, Arkas said, “I manage men very easily in the company. I have difficulty with women. "Women are thinking confused, there is nothing to do." Arkas Holding's President Lucien Arkas and artist daughter Claire answered my questions.

  • Ost Mare nostrum ğ (our sea) we know you love very much. In the context of the activities of Arkas Holding, can you say rahat Mare nostrum, full of pleasure?

I started the 15 years ago in the Mediterranean and Black Sea. My aim was to be a shipowner who provided regular line services in these geographies and to provide agency services. Today we have 15 office in 34 country and we have more than 700 employees. As Arkas, we have come to such a situation that large shipowners who want to do business in this region are looking for a joint service or cooperation.
He wants to operate his locomotive.

  • What is the phase of Arkas' efforts to combine maritime transport with air, land and rail?

Depending on the situation, sometimes we offer an integrated logistics service by combining maritime highway, sometimes maritime railway, sometimes sea-land and railway. Thus, we are trying to reduce shipping costs. The reduction of transport costs encourages on-site production, supports the industrialist and ensures development, creates employment. I believe that the future development of Anatolia in Turkey. With the 'Arkas Anatolia Project', we aim to connect Anatolia to the ports and the world by using the advantage of the railway. Thus, we want to pave the way for industrialists and manufacturers. Since 2008, we expect the law on railway liberalization. What do you say when you get out? The development of the liberalization of airlines will be experienced in the railway. Ar-Gü, our company that carries out the railway transportation, has wagons close to 700. The largest fleet in the private sector. We are loading the containers into the wagons, but we are waiting for the locomotive from TCDD. We have no right to operate. When the liberalization law comes out, we will have the right to operate locomotives and make locomotive investments. I run a ship, run a fleet of trucks, run a port, run a plane. I can run a locomotive and a train.

  • Can you give us detailed information about this Anatolian project?

Within the scope of Anadolu Project, we started to create “land ports” in connection with Marmaray. When the Marmaray is completed, freight traffic between Europe and Asia will increase exponentially. We're doing our preparation.
The terminals to be established in İzmit-Kartepe, Bilecik-Bozüyük and Konya, Ankara, Gaziantep and Mersin and Yenice logistics centers will function as a ile land port İzmit. We have 200 land in İzmit / Kartepe.
When the tunnel opens, it will be the gathering center of trains coming from foreign countries. For example, a new cargo from these terminals will be added to the other provinces of Anatolia and neighboring countries.
We completed the land purchases. We are partners with the German state railway company Schenker. They will also participate. We start construction like September. Likewise, Mersin / Yenice will have a meeting place for Anatolia and Iraq. Up to now, we have invested in 150 million dollars in the Anadolu Project. The total area of ​​the logistics centers we plan to build in Mersin and Kocaeli is 700 thousand square meters.
Start the vineyard tourism

  • As a hobby, you started to trade commercialism. Are there any new targets for wine?

My wine interest has been around for a long time. A few years ago, a friend of mine bought a small share of the wine company. Then I wondered what I bought to go to the vineyard. 1.100 turning vineyard. Turkey's largest single parcel organic bond, the bond I love. Three years ago, I got a majority stake at the opportunity. My goal is to provide consumers with affordable nice wines. We're building a cellar. 4 bin 250 We want to use the 700 square meter of a total area of ​​square meters as a tasting area. There are lots of examples of it abroad. We want to lead the development of vineyard tourism in the Aegean. At the same time, we aim to contribute to the recognition of Turkish wines abroad.
Pouring 'stones'

  • How do you evaluate your daughter's works as a collector?

Claire is a well-educated painter for me. I enjoy the paintings in every exhibition. Especially lithography
work is very difficult, but progresses successfully.

  • Claire Hanam, if I asked you to tell me about your style. Who first noticed your talent?

My first teacher noticed. In order to get a good education, my family researched the appropriate schools. First I studied at Ceruleum Fine Arts Prep School in Switzerland and at the Sierre Academy of Fine Arts. Then I went to Paris Fine Arts Academy. I studied lithography, engraving and painting.
I am observing my surroundings, and I am painting my paintings on the esthetics I chose from the living space. In this exhibition, I have paintings depicting the places where I live in Izmir. I don't care much about order in my daily life, but I give importance to order and composition in my paintings. I have an important role in the expression of light, reflections and motifs in the places I draw. I use a spontaneous, instant intuition in my color. Lithography (stone print) is really hard. For this my wife made some additions to my printing machine. My job is a little easier.

  • We've sold your 15 artwork to you in doing this interview with you. Are you happy, is the sale approval for you, or do you care too much that size?

It's important to like the sales. If you consider the sale as a pleasure, of course I'm pleased. But my first goal is not sales, but my priority is to share my inspiration with the audience.

  • You have paintings depicting yourself. Do they have difficulties?

My own portrem is always at hand, the easiest model I can reach. And maybe they're all different from each other so it doesn't bother me to make my own portrait.
Arkas with numbers

  • 55 company
  • 6.300 employees
  • 16 office in 47 country
  • 25 ship
  • 5 Turkish bayraklı refueling tanker
  • 429 TIR
  • Wagon close to 700
  • 2011 turnover 2 billion dollars

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