Mobility does not end in Ankaray and Metro

Metro and Ankaray, which are the indispensable public transportation vehicles of the Capital, carry thousands of people every day in Ankara.
They met with Ankaray in 1996 and met with Metro at 1997. The two-way indispensable public transport between Kızılay-Batıkent The hundreds of employees at Ankara Metro provide fast and safe travel on rails during the day, while maintaining, repairing and cleaning trains and rails in the evening.
Ankara Metro and Ankaray are managed from centers such as airports. At the technology base near the Macunköy Station, storage, maintenance, cleaning and security are provided, many topics are guided, including the movement of trains, control of cameras, coordination of security personnel, announcements, maintenance and cleaning.
Rahmi Akdoğan, Head of Ankara Metro, said that the 6 units of the 18 series serve the Capitals and that every movement of these trains are being monitored. The warehouse also has a control center, maintenance cleaning and general maintenance facilities, an operation and maintenance center building with administrative offices of Ankara Metro. Depo
Security and camera center 3 basic duty, the first of these trains, describing the train Akdoğan, "Train movements, has a fully automatic system. The movement of the trains between the stations as well as movements in the warehouse is controlled from here. In the warehouse, internal and external cleaning of the trains and routine maintenance of the malfunctions that occur during the trip are eliminated.
Rahmi Akdoğan, who explained his second duty as the necessary power distribution with the SCADA system and the exchange of information from the 5 bin point and explained the control as ler Ensuring the control, the operation of the escalators, elevators information, tunnel and station fans, such as the operation or stopping data can be obtained from all of this system, istasyon he said.
In addition, 259 security cameras in the stations with the control of important areas and staff from the center of the coordination is also provided by the Central Headquarter Akdogan said, ifade In addition, the so-called external intervention units such as ambulance, police, police and fire brigade coordination is provided in emergency situations. ”He said.
Akdoğan, who stated that they work uninterruptedly to offer both security and modern service to the people of Başkent with 200 security, 550 staff and 5 K-9 dog in Ankara Metro. The movement never ends. Burada
7 day of the week 24 hours of service never misses in the line and station cleaning, trains and rails maintenance, every detail is being reviewed every day.
In December, January and March, the capitalists are more interested in metros. The number of passengers in these months exceeds 6 million with free passes. Annual much about the people of Turkey's population, ie 72 million citizens are traveling in the subway.
The metro is called the 14.6 long-track double-track, heavy-rail system.
Kizilay-Batıkent 12 separate station (Kizilay, Sihhiye, Ulus, Ataturk Cultural Center, Akkopru, Ivedik, Yenimahalle, Demetevler, Hospital, Macunkoy, OSTIM, Batikent) is served.
The 3,4-kilometer viaduct is made up of 7,1 kilometers of underground and 4,1 kilometers or open floors. There is also a walkway along the main line route for emergencies and maintenance services.
The first movement of the metro, where 24 elevators are located and 50 escalators, serves both the Kızılay and Batıkent stations at 06.00. At night, the last train at Batıkent is moving at 23.40 and at Kizilay at 00.20.

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